Energy Manipulation in Magick

I want to talk about how energy can be manipulated and formed, morphed into an actual being, a servitor. 

When we think about magick, there are certain models that people explain how it works.

For instance, if we are specifically talking about sigil magick, we may talk about the model of how the sigil, the glyph is transferred from the conscious to the unconscious mind, and through the trance state, we bypass the psychic censors etc.

When talking about magick in general, we’re talking about manipulating energy to our will and that happens with all forms of magick, no matter what it is.

Everything is energy, and we interact with that energy on a daily basis, but in different ways.

If you think about it. If we just walk down the passage, we are shifting the air around us. That air is energy, and our body is a ball of energy. The energy lines and energy filaments are just moving all the time.

Have a look into Chinese medicine and the meridians that flow through the body. We are really just this big bundle and ball of energy. 

If you are walking down the passage, it’s really energy which is passing through energy and all of that is combined. 

We can look into Avir and Ruchaniyut from Kabbalah which is basically universal energy which is unformed (that is Avir), and then becomes formed (or Ruchaniyut) when it enters a body, but that energy flows in and out of that body constantly, all the time.

We’re all connected, everything is connected by this constant flow of energy. 

When we work with magick, I like to imagine it as picking up on these filaments, these threads of energy and forming them or directing them in a particular manner, in a particular way.

We can build up a ball of energy in front of us and find the thread that the magick needs to travel along to get to its destination, to its target, and then push it.

That ball of energy would be imbued with the intent, will and desire that you have for that particular spell working and then you push it along the thread. 

There are some advanced practices where you work with the threads. You can imagine it like a spider web. You feel the vibrations that are happening on a particular thread within that spider web, and you can pluck that thread and send the vibrations back to its source or target.

All of this is working with the energy that is flowing constantly around us, through us, in us, forming into bodies and then flowing beyond that body and flowing into the cosmos and into other bodies, so there this constant back and forth of energy which just keeps flowing constantly. 

If we look specifically at servitors, which is very much the creation of an intelligent being. That servitor, that being we are creating becomes a ball of energy and that ball of energy gets programmed with a certain intention, with a certain task, and then it’s sent off to do that task.

If we use the Element of Fire to fill this ball of energy, we pull the Fire energy into the body which then gets transmuted and pushed out of the body to be formed into this ball, so it’s a concentration of that particular energy. That energy then gets imbued with our will, our desire. 

We usually think of that as thought, so we speak to it, but in order to tell it what to do, we first need to think it, and thought itself is energy.

A lot of people like to explain thought as radio waves which we emit from our heads. That thought is energy and it gets transferred into speech and we speak it. The vibrations that come out of our mouths, again, is energy.

I think you can see what I’m trying to say here.

All of this is energy.

If it’s thought, it’s energy, it comes out as waves.

If we transmute that thought into speech, that speech is a vibration which is energy and gets pushed into a particular thing. 

We’ve pulled in a particular Element, that energy of the Element gets pushed through the body. It gets pushed out of the hands and gets formed, concentrated into this ball of the Element itself.

Then we have a thought which is energy that gets transferred to speech, which gets vibrated out into that ball of energy and that is energy itself being pushed into energy and that energy is imbued with our will, our intent. 

That energy is then sent off along a line of energy to go and do its task and meet its target etc.

All of this is working with energy and because everything is energy, it becomes possible. 

When it comes to magick, I like to think in these terms. Everything is energy, energy flows everywhere and we can form this energy how we want to, how we will it.

You can even take this into a non-magical scenario.

Let’s take the mob-mind for instance.

You have a group of people which become a mob. They all start to believe the same thing. They start to flow in the same direction. They become a mob and it’s only when that mob-mind is broken that they realize that they were just being pushed with this flow of energy, and it was so powerful that they couldn’t stop themselves. They couldn’t control themselves, they were totally taken over by this flow of energy and they became part of the mob. Once that energy is shattered, is broken, they become their own individual selves again and they flow in their own direction. 

It’s a flow of energy that pushes them, that takes them, and it’s all just energy.

If we look at the world, our surroundings, as we see them, it’s all again, energy. You may look at a tree or a wall or your computer or your phone and you see a physical three-dimensional object, but science has realised that what we see external to ourselves is only two-dimensional.  The brain interprets it as three dimensions, the brain fills in all the bits and pieces. 

Beyond ourselves, beyond our eyes, there is no colour, there is no smell, there is no shape. There’s nothing really, it’s just energy. There are certain refractions and reflections and vibrations that happen so the light gets reflected off the energy of the body, into our eyes and the brain interprets everything that we’re seeing, so we see three dimensions and we see colours. The scents come into our nose as vibrations and the brain interprets those vibrations as being certain scents.

Sounds are vibrations which hit the eardrum and the brain interprets those sounds as particular things, but all of this is just vibration, it’s energy. 

Everything that we experience, everything around us is purely just energy and we can take that energy and form it into different things. 

It’s just a nice way to view the magical process, I think, and it’s one that I like to use myself, especially when it comes to things like servitors, but as I say, if you’re doing candle magick, you may go through the process of putting oil on the candle, of praying over the candle, of putting herbs on and around the candle and then lighting it and you may interpret that whole process as just being you thinking it, therefore it will be, but I like to consider it a bit more than that.

You’re not just thinking about it. Those thoughts are energy.

The vibration from the herbs and the oils, the energy that is imbued in them and the natural energy of the herbs get added to magick, so you’ve got a plate or some container where you place your candle, herbs and oils, but there is this build up of energy because of the oils and herbs, and because you’ve prayed over it, you’ve concentrated the energy. 

You’ve concentrated your thoughts and speech into this small area, which is around the candle. 

That then becomes this ball of energy, this ball of spell working that you are filling with this particular task, with this particular thing.

As the candle burns, your intent then goes off to its target and does what it needs to and therefore through the process of burning that candle you are letting the energy move along its energy filament, along its thread to reach its target.

We also speak about lusting after results. Once you’ve finished your spell working, you forget about it. 

The reason for that is that you might start questioning the working you were doing.

Did you do it right? Should you have done it another way? And such things. What then happens is that as that ball of energy is moving along its thread, you have these other thoughts that come along, and don’t forget that those thoughts are also energy, and they start hitting the ball of energy which was your working. They then start to knock the ball of energy off course and it shifts onto a different thread and goes in a completely different direction, where it has absolutely no purpose and therefore it doesn’t fulfil the spell working which your desire was intended for.

All of it can be seen as working with energy, moving energy through the body, the thoughts, speech. All of it is just energy.