I was going to write about visualization and feeling appreciation as a manifestation technique, but realized that doing that is a little premature.

Before we get into any manifestation technique we need to be in the right frame of mind, and we often tend to forget that.

This is something that we should actually strive for on a constant basis throughout our lives. At any given moment during your day stop for a minute or two and check on your brain. What are you thinking about, how chaotic is it?

If you consider that thought is energy and that energy gets sent out from our brains almost like radiowaves, and that energy is what creates our reality, then what thoughts are you sending out? What reality are you creating right now?

So if you have been trying manifestation techniques for a while without any results and you are wondering what you are doing wrong or you have just completely given up because you think it is a load trash and doesn’t work for you…….then just stop, check-in.

Get Into the Vibe

You have probably heard a lot of people talk about “raising your vibration” and you may think you need a University education to do this or even understand how to do it, but in reality, it is quite a simple thing.

When someone speaks about “low vibrations” what they mean is that you are in a low state and are feeling such things as anger, depression, desperation, fear and anxiety.

When someone is said to be in a “high state of vibration” they are simply happy, positive, joyous, peaceful.

It doesn’t mean you have to become some super spiritual being who has spent decades pursuing an ultra spiritual life to the extent that you could be a monk, and therefore are in a high state of vibration because they are spiritually awakened. No, it simply means that you need to shift your frame of mind from one that is negative and low to one that is positive and high (on life).

Not always that easy, I hear ya.

Calm the Mind …… hmmmmmm

To relieve stress and calm the mind most people will instantly go to meditation. However if your mind is not calm to begin with, mediation can be extremely difficult.

The keys here are breath, concentration, body, stillness.

The actual purpose of meditation is to think of nothing (which actually means let the thoughts go without focusing on them, it’s impossible to “think of nothing” or “let the mind go blank”, literally impossible). If your mind is too active or stressed then trying to get into that state is a no-go.

Let’s have a look at the techniques one by one. You can do each of these for 5 to 10 minutes.

Be the Bellows

To calm your mind start with breathing, and I mean breathing properly. It’s easy to learn so start now. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your nose, pause and repeat.

Now, as you are breathing bring your attention to your stomach, we are going to pull that oxygen right down into your belly and actually use the whole (or most of) your lung capacity instead of the teeny weeny bit you use normally.

Think of your body as a bellows. Remember the old bellows they used to use in the blacksmiths to get the fire roaring? Don’t think of your yourself breathing in, focus on your stomach and slowly expand it so it pushes out. As it expands, the air is being pulled into your lungs. Then slowly contract your stomach and as you do that the air is pushed out of your lungs.

Simple as that. Keep your attention on the breath going in and out. Do that for 5 minutes to begin with, extent to 10 minutes when you feel comfortable and if you want to.

There are other types of breathing exercises that you can then add to this, but I won’t go into those just yet. If you wish to look into that now then have a look for the pranayama technique of breathing through alternating nostrils. Very good method to use.

Another breathing exercise that I like to do and often precede the above method with, is the Wim Hof breathing method. If you haven’t heard of Wim Hof, then do a search for him, what an amazing man. You can also download his app that guides you through the breathing technique as well as the other techniques in the Wim Hof Method.

With the Wim Hof breathing though, it saturates your body and brain with oxygen, which in today’s modern society is a very good thing. You may feel light headed and tingly all over, but that is normal because we don’t get enough oxygen into our bodies anymore so when the brain gets an influx of the lovely gas it goes on a bit of a trip. Just make sure you will fall over onto a soft spot in case you pass out.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Next is concentration. This is a method that is taught in many magickal paths, especially Ceremonial and Chaos Magick. In fact if get used to doing this and you are interested in divination methods then you may want to try skrying, especially a technique where you look at your own reflection in a dark mirror and concentrate on one eye.

This method of concentration will further calm your mind. You are probably already noticing how much it has calmed from the breathing exercise.

Find a point to focus on. This can be a dot on a wall, a stone on the ground or a leaf on a tree. Just a single point that you can focus on.

Then, stare at it and don’t blink. When you get the urge to blink, don’t. Once your eyes start watering, then you can shut your eyes for a little while, but when you do, still see the object you were staring at behind your closed eyes. Then open them again and stare….don’t blink.

What you will find after a while is that either the leaf will disappear, the leaf remains and the surroundings disappear, or everything disappears. This is completely normal.

This happens either because, as the spiritually inclined will say, you are connected to the Oneness of the Universe, or because of the Toxler Effect, otherwise called Toxler fading. In a nutshell our brains filter out things that are not important, so the brain makes the surrounding stimuli fade into itself as the retinal cells don’t have anything new to process.

Why does this help? Again from a spiritual point of view, it helps our energy to move and our brain to focus in one-pointedness, but it is also the next step which calms the mind even more.

Move That Body

Then we want to move into our body. Sounds a bit strange I know. How do you move into your body? You are quite sure you are already in there.

Simply put, bring your mind, or your mindfulness, back into your body through movement. That movement should be something that would relax you and can include an exercise workout, but mostly the use of energetic movement such as yoga, tai-chi, chi-gong or I like to use falun dafa.

These movements are about waking up your energy and getting it flowing in the right directions. When our energy is blocked or clogged then it doesn’t just affect us mentally, but also physically.

Ever wondered why you can’t get rid of that tyre around your stomach even though you have been exercising (especially when you get to my age)? It’s where you store your stress. All of the energy from stress builds up in your stomach.

So what we need to do is get that energy, all of it, moving in the way so that it is no longer clogging up the system.

Now this doesn’t just help to calm your mind down even more, but is very good for you generally. When your energy is moving properly, you will function in all areas of your life much better and much easier.

The Sound of Silence

Now…..you can meditate. Your mind will be calm, you will be breathing well, and the energy is flowing properly, not to mention you are connected with the Universe, the Source.

Quiet the mind, let thoughts come and let them go and don’t focus on any of them. It is at this point that you would be able to manifest instantly. You are literally in a state that is so profound and powerful that the instant you think of something it will go out and be so. Therefore, be careful what you think about.

After you have meditated for a few minutes, don’t start scrolling through your phone or instantly expose yourself to the usual daily stress. Just give yourself some time to adjust back to the buzz of things, but stay as mindful of this experience as you can throughout the day.

This is also a good time to do some manifestation practice. So go into visualization or do some scripting, whatever method you like to do.

When you are in this state of mind, a calm mind, and open to Source, if you want it, you have it.


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