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A very good friend of mine recently brought to my attention that he was having a problem after being around people for a period of time. Now this doesn’t mean that he is socio-phobic, but if he was in the presence of others for any length of time, then he would become completely drained, unable to function and would need to recharge for a while. On the other hand, the people he was with during those periods, often reported feeling a lot better after being with him. This is a simple case of auric draining. Some people naturally share their auric energy with others, some don’t. For those that do, they will more than likely find that they become more drained in unhealthy environments, or when they are around the elderly and the sickly. This is because such people need an extra charge of energy because their own bodies are depleted due to illness or whatever the case may be. The easiest way to get that energy is to drain it off someone that is nearby. Both individuals are most often completely unaware that this is happening, although there are certain individuals that drain others’ auric energy by intent. These people are commonly known as psychic vampires, and are best avoided.

However, if you are an individual that is unfortunate to be one of the freely sharing, like my friend, here is a method that may be helpful in regaining your energy after such incidents. Once you have become adept in this method, then you can modify it to be used during such events, and therefore you won’t come away feeling like the living dead.

Sit in a quiet room with a candle in front of you. Breath and relax and get into a meditative state. Stare at the candle flame for a while, then start to broaden your view without moving your eyes. Simply become more aware of your surroundings. Take in the objects in the room and see their shadows that are being cast by the candle flame. Think about the energy field that surrounds each and every molecule that exists. Without this energy field created by the molecule, the molecule wouldn’t exist, therefore the object, like the candle for instance, wouldn’t exist. It is the life force that keeps all together within the web of the cosmos. Apart from each individual object and their individual molecular make up, everything is linked together, so there is no interruption in the energy field, it is everywhere.

Once you have become aware of this web of existence, and you can feel, see, and understand it, then it is time to draw from it. The nice thing about drawing from this energy field is that it can never be depleted. First, close your eyes, still aware of everything in your immediate environment. See everything in your mind as you did when your eyes were open and you were staring at the candle. See the energy web. Now start to take deep breaths. If you like you can do ratio breathing, ie. 2:1:2:1. This is a breath in for a predetermined count (depending on you), say a count of 6, hold it for a count of 3, and then exhale for a count of 6, hold for 3 and then inhale again. If you find it hard to hold after the exhale, then don’t worry too much, drawing in the energy is more important here. As you inhale, visualize the energy from your environment being drawn in through your mouth or nostrils. It gets sucked into your heart center. The energy can be seen in different ways. A white cloud, white light, purple light, golden light, silver. Again, this varies from person to perrson. As it gathers in the heart center, you have two options. You can either let it build up for a few breaths before releasing it, or you can release it whilst in the process of drawing in the next breath. I think that the latter will eventually be what to work too, but to start with, until it becomes second nature, stick with the former. So, draw the energy in for a few breaths, letting it grow and build up, let the light grow with intensity. When you feel ready, you then release it. I feel that this should be a personal action. Either just visualization, or a hand motion. You may want to release it by shouting (if you have this option available, it is most effective). Through releasing the energy, you will visualize it filling your auric shell, which extends about 3 to 4 feet away from you (again, varies from person to person, and yes, it extends much further when considering the various layers, but this is the distance to fill for this exercise). Let it fill up your aura, filling in any gaps, eliminating any black or dulled spots, any areas that don’t feel good. Once done, just sit for a while and let it all absorb into your being. You are now completely recharged. If you need to repeat the exercise, you can, as I mentioned, this is one energy field that cannot be depleted. It is forever restoring itself. If you consider that by merely walking you are interrupting the field, then it becomes apparent that it is self repairing.

The next step after this is to use it during an “attack”. Train your visualization and use it during the moment. As you are around the people or environment that is draining you, simply draw in the surrounding energy with each normal breath, and let it flow from your nostrils, through to your heart center, and then out into your aura. This way, your aura will be continually recharged as it is being drained. After some time, your brain will program itself to do this automatically, and it will become a part of your normal living life.

Happy recharging.