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Defining God and Satan

I would like to talk about God and Satan. Rather controversial topic and I think everybody has their own interpretation …

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Working With Daemonic Energies

Today I want to talk about what happens when we work with Daemons, the energy exchange that happens, and what …

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Daemons as Aspects of the Psyche

Welcome back to the podcast. This is Season 2 and we will be covering some varied topics this season, but …

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Some Final Words on Servitors

The life and death of a servitor. Everything has a lifespan, including the servitors you create, but how long that …

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The Appearance of a Servitor & Feeding Methods

The good thing about servitors is that they are your own creation and therefore you can actually create them any …

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Creating Servitors or Artificial Elementals in Practical Kabbalah

Today I’m going to talk about how to create an Artificial Elemental which is the same as a servitor. We …

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Creating Servitors in Chaos Magick

Now that we know what a servitor is, we need to find out how to create them. We actually create …

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What Are Servitors & Magical Thought Forms?

Let’s talk about servitors or thought forms.  Today’s discussion will be about servitors or thought forms generally. What they are, …

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Powering Up Your Sigils With a Robofish incl. Progressive and Possession Sigils

So far we have discussed how to create sigils, how to activate them, and sigil shoaling. To compliment sigil shoaling, …

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