No matter what practice you do, whether it be something involving magick and spellwork, a manifestation technique or simply a meditation practice, the key to accomplishment for all the above is mindfulness.

When training in something like Ceremonial Magick, you will have to start with meditation and breath work, and then move onto concentration and visualization practices. Once you have mastered those techniques, and therefore started to master your Self, you then move onto ritual work. The main reason, apart from mastery of Self, is to gain the ability to work with and move energy as well as to be able to keep focus on the task or goal of the ritual you are performing so that other thoughts do not short-circuit your efforts.

What doesn’t seem to get mentioned often enough is mindfulness. In order to gain the magickal abilities you desire, or the thing you want through your manifestation practice, you need to be mindful, and this can be gained through meditation.

What is Mindfulness?

First we need to understand what it means to be mindful, and it is rather simple.

It means to be aware of one thing to the exception of everything else.

If you are mindful of your breath, then you are only focused on and aware of your breath. Your immediate surrounding, internal sensations and thoughts are eliminated. The only thing that matters or exists is your breath.

If someone were to tell you to “mind your step”, in that moment the only thing you would be thinking about is your step and what obstructs it. The same applies to everything else.

If you are doing a spellworking, let’s say candle magick, then during the entire process of the working, the only thing you should be thinking about is the outcome of the spell. This makes you mindful of the target of your intent.

If you are performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the only thing you should be thinking about are the actions, words, symbolism of the ritual and how the energy is moving. This is being mindful of the ritual.

Why is Mindfulness So Important?

Let’s say you are doing a spellworking to bring in more income.

Whilst doing the working you start out good, and then you think about the new movie coming out. Should you take your friend with you? Oh, and you forgot to pay the electricity bill, must get that sorted out first. You wonder what you should have for lunch today, McDonalds would be good. And what about that raise you might get, oh yes, that’s what you are doing the spellworking for, but what if you don’t get it, that other guy down the hall might get promoted, and you know that would impact your raise. Now that dog next door is barking, it is so distracting to your spellwork.

Was the dog really the only thing?

How Does Mindfulness Help?

The above example goes for magick work and manifestation techniques.

Let’s say you are trying to manifest a new apartment.

Imagine a line moving from you to the apartment of your dreams. You can see it, you can feel how happy you would be in that apartment. Think of the line, now move along that line toward the apartment.

As you move along it, a thought which is completely unrelated comes in from the left and slams up against the line. You reprimand yourself for thinking about that thing and you fight against any other thoughts coming in. Because you are fighting it, you immediately start to think about other things which come in from all directions and slam against the line toward your apartment. Eventually the line is shattered and you don’t reach the apartment.

This is where mindfulness comes in.

If you train yourself to be mindful, and the best way is through mindfulness meditation, Vipassana meditation comes to mind (excuse the pun), then when you try to reach your destination along the line, you are able to only think of that one thing, staying on the line. If other thoughts do come in, you are trained in how to deal with them so that they do not slam up against the line of your intent.

Being trained in visualization and concentration is good and well, but if you do not know how to be mindful, your attempts will not be as strong as you would hope or should be.


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