being skeptic in magick

Being Skeptical in Your Magickal Practice is a Good Thing

In many cases when someone says, “Na, I’m skeptical” what they often mean is that they just don’t believe it. In terms of the origins …

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Bringing Mindfulness Into Your Practice

No matter what practice you do, whether it be something involving magick and spellwork, a manifestation technique or simply a meditation practice, the key to …

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prayer manifestation

Using Prayer as a Manifestation Technique

When it comes to prayer most of us in the western or westernized countries immediately think of someone putting their hands together and praying to …

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state of mindfulness

Altering Your State of Mind to Manifest Better

I was going to write about visualization and feeling appreciation as a manifestation technique, but realized that doing that is a little premature. Before we …

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manifestation techniques

10 Types of Manifestation Techniques

With the rising popularity of manifestation and The Law of Attraction, many people are looking for solutions on how to create their dream lives. Getting …

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Phil Hine

An Interview with Phil Hine

This popped up in my YouTube feed today and was SO happy. If you follow Chaos Magick then this is priceless. Thanks to ArmchairOccultist.

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What You Need to Know About Sigils

What You Need to Know About Sigils

Sigil magick is a very powerful and yet simple tool for anyone who wishes to manifest their reality. Unfortunately it seems the practice has been …

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