Complete Breath

As mentioned in the previous video regarding meditation and breath work, the Complete Breath is an extremely valuable Yogic technique that can be added to your meditation practice.

The benefits of the Complete Breath are that you pull energy into the four main centres of the upper and lower torso (chest/heart, solar … Read the rest

We all know that putting on weight is soooooo easy, but losing it can be an uphill battle. This is where I have been, and if you are over 40, you will also know that your metabolism changes so much, it’s not easy to keep the weight off.

Some years back I got a hold … Read the rest

In his book, Sharma mentions three types of meditation practices that should be done daily: concentration, creative visualisation and silence (different to what he called them, but that is what they basically boil down to). I am breaking somewhat from Sharma and reverting back to my previous 25 to 30 years of spiritual practice. Maybe … Read the rest