Custom Workings

If you need some custom work done then this is the page you need. The spell working methods and magical techniques used will be decided upon depending on the task at hand and the work that needs to be accomplished. I am making this a per hour service which can either be a once off working or an on-going ritual service, weekly or monthly. See below for more information.

It should be noted that I reserve the right to reject any custom working requests. If you have already purchased the surface then you will be refunded in full. It may also be the case that I am not allowed to do the working for you, or I am not the right person for the job. This will be determined through divination before any other decisions are made or any work is put in hand. Because of this it is suggested that you first message me using the form below to check that we can move forward.

Contact me first

    Or if you are sure, then choose an option below.

    Once off Working at an rate of $125 per hour

    On-going work weekly for one hour a week at $125 per week

    On-going work bi-weekly for one hour every second week at $125 per week/hour

    On-going work monthly for one hour a month at $125 per month