Dealing with Astral Parasites & Self-Created Thought Forms

There are a lot of ways that we can be attacked, psychically and astrally.

Today I’m talking about two specific negative entities that you can find yourself under attack from and ways that you can deal with that. Negative entities, how they attack, how to identify them, and what to do with them if you are under attack.

We are going to speak specifically about astral parasites and self-created thought forms. I think these are the most common negative entities that come along and attack people. However, it doesn’t need to be specifically somebody who are working magick, especially in the case of self-created thought forms. A lot of the time a self-created thought form is created by people who don’t work magick.

I think in most cases this goes hand in hand with people thinking it is ghosts or poltergeists or something like that, but it is a self-created thought form.

If you are under attack, what you will find a lot of the time, especially astral parasites, you are going to find yourself possibly in depression or anxiety, even having suicidal tendencies. In all of these cases, please seek out professional help. Seek out a psychologist and a psychiatrist if necessary. It’s vital, it’s extremely vital.

Let’s start with astral parasites.

I speak about astral parasites quite a bit on my channel. In demonolatry, quite often, they are referred to as Others. These are low energy forms, often called demonic, but they are low energy entities.

Quite often, especially when we work with spirits of various types, we can find that an astral parasite gets attached to us instead of the Daemon or deity that we are wishing to communicate with. These astral parasites can come through in many other ways.

You could open a portal, for instance, and not close it properly afterwards. 

Even if you’ve opened the portal to work with specific deities and those deities or Daemons have come through and you’ve worked with them, and they have gone home again, if you haven’t closed the portal properly, then the astral parasites are going to come along, see the open portal and fly towards this opening. 

You may find if you’ve opened a portal within your home, you’re going to have attacks in your home. 

It’s quite often when we don’t use discernment properly, when we are working with a deity, a demon, a divine intelligence, and we contact that demon, what comes through is not the demon itself. You may think it is, but it’s actually an astral parasite.

There are ways to test this. 

The easiest way is how it makes you feel.

If it makes you feel anxious, if it makes you feel fearful, if you feel like you’re under threat, or anything like that. Then it’s probably an astral parasite.

There are some exceptions to this, depending on the work you’re doing and the demon you’re working with, which could be something in the lines of teaching you.

You also get instances where a demon will literally rip your life to pieces in order to put it back together again. These are severe cases. If you work with Mammon, for instance, you might have that happen, but you need to be able to discern between the demon itself and an astral parasite.

Through doing that you will know it’s the actual demon you’re working with, and if you go through those processes, you know what’s going to come out at the end, and that will be a lot of happiness and a lot of improvement in your life. 

There are exceptions to the case, but generally speaking, if you are going to work with a demon, and the energy of that demon comes in, it is usually quite comforting.

If it’s an astral parasite coming through, you’re going to feel threatened, you might feel cold, but even if the demon comes through and you feel icy cold, you will  still find, I do anyway, that it’s comforting. Even if it’s icy cold or if it’s warm, it’s still a comfortable sort of feeling. 

That is the easiest way to discern between the demon and the astral parasite. 

Over time if you’re working constantly with the same spirit, you’ll find that the difference between a demon and an astral parasite is quite definite. 

If the entity is asking you to harm yourself or other people. If you are getting more and more depressed and anxious. Any of these negative emotions, any of the negative thoughts, any of these negative feelings, that’s an astral parasite. 

A demon is not going to ask you to harm yourself or other people.

If you do start having those thoughts, then you’re probably dealing with an astral parasite.

With an astral parasite you’ll usually find that you’ll ask for something and you’ll get it, quite fast, almost immediately. That is the astral parasite instilling confidence in itself, so that you actually do want to work the spirit because it brings you things. 

It brings you what you’ve asked for, but then it starts asking you for things that you’re not comfortable with and it tells you that you have to do it. 

It will force and force and force and will create more depression. It will create more anxiety or create more fear. It’s that fear and depression that it feeds off, so it wants to create that, and so it will bring you things in order to create confidence. 

If that’s happening, stop.

If you’re getting depressed or being told to do things you don’t want to, stop immediately.

The longer you continue with that relationship, the worse it becomes, the more ingrained it becomes, the more energetically bonded you become, and then it becomes more difficult to release that bond and release that energy. 

If you find that it’s an astral parasite, stop.

It doesn’t matter if it’s bringing things, stop anyway. In the long term you are just going to end up with huge problems. 

The way to get rid of an astral parasite; firstly, stop interacting with it, stop entertaining it and tell it to piss off. It probably won’t but tell it anyway and keep telling it to piss off, you don’t want it around.

Depending on the bond you’ve created, it may come back, but just keep repeating the process until it’s gone. 

You might also find that your environment and your house become messy and dirty. Clean from top to bottom, get rid of all the negative energy and that means cleaning. It means doing the dirty dishes, it means washing the floor, it means, in severe cases, washing the walls and the ceiling.

Get rid of all that negative energy, push that out of your house and it will help push the negative energy away from you and out of you, so clean your house, make sure that it’s neat and tidy and it will help get rid of that astral parasite. If you have an untidy and dirty house, it’s just going to attract more negativity, so make sure everything’s clean.

If it’s standing in front of you and you know it’s there; you can feel it standing in front of you. Try drawing a banishing pentagram. You can use a banishing pentagram of the earth and sort of push it, project it towards and through this entity and it will disappear. If it’s a demon or any form of divine intelligence, it won’t disappear.

There are other methods you can use, especially if you’re working in the astral, and you start working with a demon for the first time. Maybe you meet on the astral plane, and you want to make sure it is that demon and not an astral parasite posing as that demon. Best thing to use is the pentagram. 

You can also ask it questions. You can ask it personal questions about yourself that only you know.

A demon will know them, an astral parasite will not, so if they can’t answer, banish, and then just go from there. If it’s an astral parasite, don’t engage it, don’t entertain it, just get rid of it, banish it. 

Then, self-created thought forms. These come up a lot more than we think, and a lot of people don’t want to believe that they have created a thought form that is attacking them. It’s just something that we don’t want to even consider most of the time, but it happens a lot. Especially if someone is in an abusive relationship, or in any kind of environment or relationship where they feel threatened. 

What usually happens is the rage builds up and that rage then becomes a thought form, and that thought form is constantly attacking them.

You might find that you have activity in your house, because these thought forms can become physical, and I literally mean physical. They can throw things around; they can attack your body physically. That’s how severe and how strong your thoughts can become, and those thoughts are obviously generated from negative emotions.

The anger, the rage, the hatred towards a person or a situation or something. If that builds up enough, it can create that thought form and that form is projected. It kind of separates itself from the person so that it anthropomorphises, but it becomes external to them, so in many cases it can be dealt with.

Once that thought form becomes externalized, it can be dealt with almost one on one. 

In a lot of cases this type of work can be healing, but in this particular case where it is generated from that rage and that hatred and anger, it isn’t really healing, it starts attacking the person. 

If you find that you have a “ghost” or poltergeist in your house. Things are being thrown around, books are falling off the bookshelf, those usual signs, and you have tried smudging the house or any similar method and through that method, smudging for instance, the activities become stronger, you’ve basically pissed off the entity, it’s not gone, it’s still there. 

It is probably a self-created thought form, and there are many ways to get rid of these thought forms.

I’ll talk about the method that I use, which is quite advanced, so if you are battling to get rid of it, you can just pop onto my website and give me a shout for some assistance. In cases like this, it’s definitely required to go and get professional help.

Also, seek out a psychologist, you need that help.

You are probably in an abusive relationship, or you have an abusive environment, where you are constantly being attacked and you are not able to fight back. Through that it creates the rage and the anger and the hatred. You need help.

If you are in a physically abusive relationship, emotionally abusive, mentally abusive, get the help you need. That’s usually going to be a psychologist, but it might also be the police. If you need to get the police involved, do so.  You cannot stay in that situation and do not think for a minute or a second that it will stop. Do not think that things are going to get better, or things will change, they will not. You need to get out, you have to.

Concerning the thought form itself. The main way is to get that help, because then you can help yourself overcome that rage, anger and hatred and it’s those emotions that the thought form feeds on and the fear it creates.

If you can work through and get rid of those emotions, the thought form is just going to disintegrate, it’s going to dissolve, because it has no more fear to feed on. That is what it feeds on, what it grows stronger from, your own fear. As it attacks you, it creates fear, more anger and that’s what it feeds on and it just gets stronger.

Work through that. Work through the situation in your life. Work through those emotions and try to resolve them. 

The method that I use when I help other people is that I eat, literally eat the thought form.

What this means is that you gather up the thought form, put it into something, a cake, a cookie, something you can physically eat. Through that process you transmute the negative energy into something positive.

You push it into the item of food and then you eat it and you take it into yourself and through that process the transformation of the energy from the negative to the positive, that gets imbued in your body and imbued in your own energy.

You can use it for a lot of different things. 

You can use it for healing, but as I say, it’s very advanced, so if you’re not sure how to take that energy and transmute it and you need it done now, seek somebody who can.

Another method I like to use is very similar.

It’s kind of instinctual, but I kind of gather the thought form in front of me and then wings, can only describe them as these bright, white wings that come out of my back, kind of wrap around the thought form and then I actually pull it in and absorb the energy into myself. 

Through the process of the wings wrapping around and creating what feels like comfort, it transmutes the negative energy into something positive, then I take it into myself, and it becomes positive energy.

I am going to repeat it again. 

Advanced methods. Make sure you know what you are doing before you do this kind of thing, because if you pull that energy in and you haven’t transmuted it into something different, you’re just going to pull in negative energy, you’re going to pull in anger, rage, hatred, which is not going to do you much good. 

Definitely figure it out first before you do something like that, but the number one way of getting rid of a self-created thought form, is to seek out professional help and deal with the situation, deal with your emotions. It’s going to take a long time. It’s not going to be overnight.

Even if you do some kind of working where you transmute the energy and you get rid of this thought form; if you are still in the environment and you are still feeling those feelings of anger, rage and hatred, it’s just going to create itself again. That is why you need to deal with that circumstance and get it resolved.