Are you sitting at your desk and rubbing your neck because of the tension you are feeling? Well I am. I always do, years of bad posture and all of that, terrible I know, but a reality for many of us.

So how great would it be to have someone there all the time to give you a massage. Ah, blissful times. Well, I know I can’t hire someone full time for that so we would have to resort to the next best thing, and that is the Electric Pulse Neck and Back Massager.

Really simple to use. Just place it around your neck like a collar and switch it on, voila. It doesn’t complain, it doesn’t need a break (until the batteries wear down of course, but that takes seven hours of continuous use so I think we’re good to go).

Now, I have one of those machines that have the pads which you can place on your body, etc. etc. I’m sure you know the ones. This massager does come with such pads so apart from the collar, you can also get pulse massage on other areas of the body. However, I find the most convenient thing about this machine is the collar and the fact that you can just rest it on your shoulders and click a button. I’ve always found the pads to be a difficult to place, and if you get them in the wrong spot, or if they aren’t connected to the skin properly, you don’t get the full impact.

The Electric Pulse Neck and Back Massager has 6 modes which you can adjust to 16 levels of strength. The modes are as follows:

  • Relax Massage Mode
  • Cupping Mode
  • Scraping Mode
  • Hammering Mode
  • Acupuncture Mode
  • Massage Mode

So you can either just relax or getting a great massage session with some cupping or acupressure. The main function is to relax the neck muscles which is why I like this so much.

It also has infrared heating and takes two AAA batteries (which last for seven hours of continuous use as mentioned above) so if you have a rechargeable battery unit then you can get all the relaxation and massage that you need and require.


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