Making Daemonic Pacts

Pacts are one of those things that are often spoken about, although usually from a Hollywood perspective. There are a lot of myths around pact making, but if you’ve read any of the old grimoires like Grimorium Verum, you would have come across the mention of pacts in there.

You’ll probably find, if you’ve studied Modern Daemonolatry, that there is not a lot of mention of pacts. The reason being that Modern Daemonolators prefer to create a relationship with the Daemonic and the Divine Intelligence, the Daemonic force, the Spirits they are wishing to work with.

A case of wanting to work with a particular Daemon, therefore I’m just going to make a pact and that’s it, is very rare. Usually, there’s a relationship that is created and evolves, so there’s no need to make that pact. At the end of the day, it’s an ongoing relationship. It’s not just a once-off, you do this, I’ll do that and that’s it.

However, if you are wishing to make a pact with a Daemon, then it’s quite simple really.

It’s a contract, an oath.

When we talk about oaths, in our modern day we find a lot of people make promises and they don’t stick to them. They may even make contracts and then find a way to get out of it. When you make a contract, or a pact, an oath with a Daemon, there’s no way of getting out of it. It’s an oath. 

You’re bound to it and you have to follow through.

If you are going to make a pact, think very carefully of what you’re going to put in that pact, but generally a pact is an agreement, it’s a contract.

You ask the Daemonic force to do a particular thing for you and in return you will do a particular thing for them, an exchange.

When I talk about Daemonolotors creating a relationship with the Daemonic force, there is already an exchange of energy taking place. It takes place all the time, so over a period of time (could be a few months or years or a lifetime) that relationship builds, but there’s an exchange of energy.

You give your energy, and something is given in return.

When you create a pact, you usually write it in letter form. You can put your blood on it to seal  the oath and then you put it away. However, remember you must follow through. Do what you said you were going to do regardless of what happens, you must do what you agreed to.

The Myths

When you make a pact with a demon, they do not take your soul.

You do not sell your soul to the devil. You do not sell your soul to a Daemon.

In fact, if you make a pact with a Daemonic force and you say something like, “In ten years time you can have my soul”, they are going to laugh at you and say that is not what they want, so bugger off. 

If you do not listen to that and you carry on with the pact, you will probably find an astral parasite will come along, see some yummy food (you), and will latch on to you. It will then start giving you those things that you asked for in the pact, posing as that Daemonic force.

In this case however, they will just create fear, anxiety and depression in you.

You will slowly be drained of energy.

You will be a shell of yourself at the end of the day.

Do not go making pacts where you are selling your soul to a Daemonic force because it is not going to work. It’s going to be detrimental to you, you are going to carry on thinking you’ve made this pact with this Daemon, but you actually didn’t, you made it with an astral parasite who’s posing as that Daemon.

So, there is no selling your soul and saying in ten years time you can have my soul and drag me to hell. That is Hollywood stuff.

As I say, a lot of the stuff we think we know about pacts is from Hollywood movies and TV series such as Supernatural. Although I love them, I mean Supernatural was a fantastic TV series, it’s not all together true. 

If you are going to make a pact, remember that it is a contract, it’s an oath, you write a letter saying, “Daemon ABC, I ask that you perform these particular tasks for me and in return I will give you XYZ.”

What you give can vary. The best thing you can do is to sit down with the Daemonic force beforehand and ask them what they want.

It is the same if you are doing invocation work.

You call a Daemon into your space; you ask it to do XYZ and you give it something in return, and it is better to ask the Daemon what they want in return rather than simply guessing.

There are various ways you can do divination work to find out what the demon wants, or you can just sit down and ask the demon directly.

So, you create your contract, or your pact, writing something like (although much simplified), “Daemon ABC, I ask that you do this and that for me, and in return I will give you XYZ“. Then you sign it, you can put your blood on it, fold it up, put it away and stick to it. That’s it.

Do not put in I am selling my soul to you, or in ten years time you can take my soul. None of that Hollywood garbage. Don’t bother with that, because it’s not going to help you.

So that’s if you want to make a pact, but to go back to what I was originally saying, you don’t need to make a pact with a Daemon. 

You can simply build a relationship and that relationship continues over months, over years, and you continually work with the Daemonic force that can help you with the things that you want to bring into your life, or the changes that you want to make in your life.

That’s the best way to go about it. 

I actually did make a pact years ago with Clauneck. It was a very simple pact. It was to help me with money, bring me riches, etc. I can’t remember what I offered him in return, I do remember that he wanted my left shoe. I had some old trainers, and he wanted the left one. So, I placed it on the altar with the box the pact was put in and that was his offering. There were some other things that I offered in return, and it worked, but that was a long time ago. This was before I discovered modern Daemonolatry, when I was working in more of a Satanic format. 

However, the pact did work. It brought me money to get through a particular period of my life where things were very difficult and I got enough money to get through it. It took place over about a six to ten month period and at the end of it, that was it. The pact was finished. 

I am still here and have not sold my soul, and I am not being dragged to hell by hellhounds or anything like that.

You can do the pacts if you want to, but as I say, if you are going to really work with a Daemonic force, it is better to build a relationship.

That’s really it.

If you go into the Grimorium Verum, there is a particular way that you make pacts. You work with a particular spirit, which is kind of the gatekeeper and then you go through that spirit and you contact the other spirits like Clauneck.

If you are going to make a pact according to the grimoire itself, I suggest that you really study it. The problem with the Grimorium Verum is that a lot of material is missing. As an example, the lamen right at the beginning is missing from all copies of the text and so people sort of make a guess as to what it is. 

If you are going to work with any of the old grimoires, just make sure you know what’s going on, you understand it and that you know how to work with the spirits in that particular fashion. 

It’s definitely not my preferred method and I personally suggest building that lasting relationship with them.