Credits and Bibliography

This work is the culmination of many years of research and experience, and it draws extensively upon many writers and teachers and artists. A hearty thank you is given to all whose words or work appear on these pages, as well as a great thanks to the Powers that preside over the Old Ways for their continued protection and guidance. To give credit where credit is due, you must be made aware of the following things:

Robert Ingpen is the Artist repsonsible for most of the beautiful artwork featured in Meadows of Elfhame. I love his work very much, and feel honored to be able to present it. Look him up.

The Art on the “Faery Faith” page is from the ‘Dark Ages Companion’, published by White Wolf Games Studio. The very talented artist’s name is unknown, but his seal appears at the bottom right of the picture.

Many of Bruane’s words are direct quotes from Robert Cochrane, the great teacher of whom Bruane is a fictional incarnation. Notable of his direct quotes are “On Ethics”, “On secrets” and “On magic”.

The Ancestor Offering and the Faery Arts, as well as several other inspirational concepts, are drawn from Nigel Jackson’s Excellent book “Call of the Horned Piper.” The black and white artwork, such as is pictured above, is also done by Mr. Jackson. Nigel is a personal hero of mine, and I cannot do his books enough justice. Get them.

The Sangreal Prayer was given by Bill Gray to Evan John-Jones, and is included in his powerful work “Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed”.

The Picture in Old Isobel’s Cave is by Marc Potts. He is “The Man.” His art is incredible.

The man saying the poem at the faery hill is of course, W.B. Yeats, and the poem is “The Hosting of the Sidhe” by Yeats.

I got the Three Faery Mothers image from the Gwyddon Tradition Homepageā€¦go to the “links” page for their URL.

“Finding your Familiar” is based on a ritual called “Utiseta” that I first saw a LONG time ago in a book called “The Northern Mysteries” although now you can buy it as “Northern Magic” (Llewellyn strikes again). It is by Edred Thorsson. Quite a fine book and ritual.


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