Meadows of Elfhame

A Journey into the Weald of Traditional Witchcraft

“The Old Woman then smiled, a grin that harbored such gleeful secrecy.
“Tis only a goat, old Dame,” I said. “That goat,” said she,
“There are none more like our Father than He.”

-Gramayre of Pouck’s Pinfold

Welcome, seeker of knowledge, to the Meadows of Elfhame.

This page is a virtual journey into the weald of Traditional Witchcraft.
Herein, you will have the opportunity to learn authentic Traditional Craft beliefs
And practices, and to hear Inner Teachings of the Old Persuasion.

As you enter into these pages, you will take on the role of the ‘Prentice’,
One who seeks admission into the mysteries of the Old Faith.
You shall meet teachers, Green-Gowns, Pellars and Wise-wives,
Who will have much to tell you. Listen carefully.

Consider their words, for below the symbols
And letters lies the heart of a people…
…And a living faith.

The material presented herein is not ‘Wicca’,
Nor do we have any contact with Wiccan organizations.
If it is Wicca you seek, you may be disappointed.
Your time may be better spent leaving the way you came.

The journey begins….

When you leave this page, you will travel on to the Crossed Roads.
Here is advice: Go first to the Cottage of the Cunning Man,
And read all that he has to say.

Fare thee well, Prentice,
And may the Master of the Hidden Faith be with you.

“Where the fire is lit, with will and temperament
There are the Feeorin raised, there are the Wanens fed
There turns the mill, with the nayword spoke
The man turned like the stars, and the stars fell like seeds
Seeds to the stone, seeds below the stone,
And Hens all for the seeds… for every vale and croft a Hen,
Each village and field and tree; a mother Hen was She…”

Gramayre of Pouck’s Pinfold

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