The Crossed Roads

Your journey to this place has taken you most of the day. As the sky starts turning to grey you come into a small stand of trees, where the road you are following is crossed by another.

From this place, you may continue on in three directions…and from here you can see what shall await you at the ends of these roads:

One path leads to a rustic looking cottage, which must be the home of the Cunning Man that is reputed to live in this small wood.

The path straight ahead leads deeper into the Three Sisters Wood, and the mysteries that it must hide.

The last path leads away from this wood and out into the Far Weald, and it’s attendant collections of heathlands, wastes, rolling open fields, and scattered forests.

Which path will you take?

Go to the Cunning Man’s Cottage

Go into Three Sisters Wood

Journey into the Far Weald

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