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What content will I be focusing on and where will you be able to find it all?

Firstly, my content will appear on my Blog, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and for more exclusive content, go to my Patreon Page (link below).

The content I will be creating will be focused in two main areas. The first will be the entrepreneur and will on the topics of website development and online marketing as well as mediation and manifestation to provide a balance in the business owner’s life.

The second will be focused on more advanced esoteric and magickal practices. Where the entrepreneur content may stick to the more basic mediation and manifestation practices, the esoteric content will move into the more advanced techniques of those practices, amongst other things.

Plans for the Magician Tier on Patreon will also include audio readings from my own books: The Reality of Things; The Black Crow; and Elementors and Servitors. It will also have instructional videos where necessary (i.e. a chapter requires some practical demonstration). I am also working through the fourth book by Jacobus G. Swart and will do some videos pertaining to those practices.

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