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Spellwork and ritual that is specifically tailored to your situation and requirements.

Send me the details of what you require via email. I will do a reading and consult with the Spirits to make sure it is viable and that I am allowed to perform this Working for you. If the answer to that is a no, then you will receive a full refund, otherwise the reading is included in the fee. I reserve the right to reject any request.

Upon acceptance we will have a consultation via video, text chat or email. I will design the ritual and spellworking specific to your needs and consult with you before commencing Working proper. The Working will be recorded and sent to you after completion, and we will have a follow up consultation to pass on any messages that were received during the Working and/or cover any personal work that you may need to do.

I will generally not do (depending on the circumstances. Contact me beforehand to discuss):

  • Curses, hexes, jinxes
  • Love or breakup magick targeted a person or persons

Disclaimer: No guarantees or warranties are implied or claimed regarding their healing, magical, psychic, health powers, virtues, genuineness, effectiveness, or whether or not any specific result will be obtained.