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Need a Servitor to complete a task or bring something into your life that you desire? I will create the Servitor for you and link it to an object of your choosing. A Servitor can be created for any purpose, the following is a short list to give you an idea:

  • Protect you and/or your property
  • Absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy for you to absorb
  • Bring you new clients
  • Access particular knowledge and information
  • Remove procrastination
  • Break a bad habit
  • Create a good habit
  • The list is endless

PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to reject any request. If rejected then a full refund will be issued.

Disclaimer: No guarantees or warranties are implied or claimed regarding their healing, magical, psychic, health powers, virtues, genuineness, effectiveness, or whether or not any specific result will be obtained.


A Servitor is an energetic being created by the Witch or Magician and programmed with a particular task. It is given a name and has a sigil which it is connected to. Depending on the task it is programmed with, it may be given a lifespan, after which it will return to the energy from which it was created.

Because these Servitors are created for other people, such as yourself, I do not use any personal energy. Unless another method is required, the usual method will be that used within Practical Kabbalah to create an Artificial Elemental, which draws on the energies of the Elements and Planets, and is connected to you via the Zodiac.

Before the creation of the Servitor, we will discuss its task(s) very specifically as well as where it will be housed, how it will be fed and cared for, etc.

The housing (if required, some do not require a house as the task they are assigned is one whereby they are constantly on the move) will be an object that you choose. This could be a figurine, a house plant, a rock, a piece of jewelry, anything that is relevant and feels right to you. A house plant would be great for one that protects your house for example, whereas a piece of jewelry is great for one that will protect you.

The manner in which the Servitor is fed can vary extensively and again depends on the task(s) given. Sometimes they will feed off a source such as an enemy. If you are creating one to transmute negative energy that is sent at you into positive energy, then the Servitor can take a small amount of that energy (or all of it). Usually it will be your own energy, but I will send you instructions on how to feed it Elemental energy if that is required.

As mentioned we will discuss all of this extensively.