Testing the Spirits – A Step by Step Guide

This is something that comes up repeatedly, how do we test the Spirits, and it is something that should be done with all Spirits, whether they be God, Goddess, Daemon or Angel. If we do not, then we could end up with an astral parasite posing as the Spirit with which we wish to communicate with, and then its all downhill from there. This is difficult for many people because we are taught to not question authority and in terms of an ancient Spirit that holds so much power, how could we possibly put them under such scrutiny? However, the Spirit or Divine Intelligence that we are wishing to talk with would actually expect it. They really don’t want you to find yourself in a compromising situation.

I have created various content regarding this topic in the past, but it has always been to ask the Spirits questions, and if you don’t feel good around the Spirit, to banish. If it doesn’t want to answer your questions, or it was actually banished when you performed that act, then it wasn’t the Spirit you thought it was. However, what are these questions? Is there are a particular way this should be done? I recently read an absolutely fantastic book by Tara Sanchez called The Temple of Hekate, and if you are interesting in working with Hekate, or you have a draw to work magic within the framework of a Greek worldview and praxis, then you should definitely read this book. In the book is a step by step guide on how to test, and I thought it was a great example and therefore wanted to share it and discuss it. So let’s get started.

Step One: Ask the Entity if they agree to be tested?

The response to this is quite simple, if they decline, banish. If they accept, move on to step 2.

The interesting thing is that this doesn’t just apply to the Spirits. If you have a teacher, or someone in a position of authority who does not agree to be questioned, then they are probably not a leader that you want to have around. Unfortunately, we have too many such leaders in our midst and it has become something we have grown used to. We are also told that it is normal to not question such people, so those people in the positions of authority will have it in their head that if you question them, that you are being insubordinate, not to mention how we are taught to do things within the Christian worldview. However, when it comes to the Spirits, if they do not agree to be tested or questioned, then they have something to hide, and a Divine Intelligence would not need to hide anything.

Step Two: Ask Entity for their name and any affiliations they may have?

In some interactions with Spirits they will give us personal names that we can use to call them in the future. These names are usually not known by anyone else and is only for you to use, and it is a name that is to be kept secret, or shared with a trusted group that you may work with. This personal name makes it easier to call on the Spirit in the future and know that when they come, it is the Spirit and not an imposter.

In this instance however, when you are first meeting a Spirit, the name it will give you is the common name that we have come to know it by through study and discussion with other people. The affiliations may be in relation to the Spirits lineage, or it may give you particular correspondences relating to its position.

There is however the chance that the Spirit could be lying to you. In such a case you will have to trust your gut and if things don’t feel right, then banish and leave. Try another day. Otherwise, same as before, if the Spirit refuses to answer, then banish, if they give you an acceptable answer, and you are comfortable with it, nothing seeming out of place or suspicious, then move onto step 3.

Step Three: Ask Entity to swear upon their identity that their responses to you will always be truthful?

Here you will definitely have to go with your gut, and sometimes, even if the Spirit is not the one you wanted to talk to, it may not be an astral parasite. This is where lines get fuzzy and there are no text book answers. If the Spirit makes it through these three tests however, and you are not feeling like something is wrong, then you can usually be assured that you are talking to the correct Spirit.

Again though, if they decline or you don’t feel like things are right, then banish and leave, otherwise move onto step 4.

Step Four: Introduce yourself in a formal manner

This isn’t technically a test, but it is good etiquette when dealing with Spirits. A formal introduction would be something like, “I am [your full name], who’s father is [your father’s full name] and who’s mother is [your mother’s full name].” Or something simple like, “I am [your full name], who was given life by [your mother’s full name].” You can also go onto give your magical name and position or title within your given tradition, if you have such things.

Now you can go on to give the Spirit a password and some questions and answers (not too many, just one or two will do). This is so that when you meet again, the Spirit can give you the password and answer the specific questions and you know for certain that it is the Spirit you interacted with previously, as the Spirit will not give these passphrases to anyone else.

The Banishing

The only remaining question is, what do you do to banish the Spirit. Simply draw a banishing pentagram of Earth in front of you and push it toward the Spirit. This can be drawn with your finger, hand, athame, whatever you use to project energy, and is usually drawn as a blue flame.

To draw the pentagram you would start at the bottom left (Earth), move up to the top point (Spirit) and then continue to trace the pentagram coming back to the bottom left. This is often easier done practically if you stand up, then touch your left hip and from that position, move your hand forward to point in front of you. Then move your hand to a position that is in line with your head but pointing forward. Come down to a position in line with your right hip, then up to your left shoulder, across to your right shoulder, and back down to your left hip.

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