The Abramelin Journal – Part 2

First Steps

2010/12/03 09:18 PM

In my quest for Wisdom, I have come to a point where I have Knowledge of my Holy Guardian Angel. However, I am not personally satisfied that I have attained Conversation with my HGA. It is very much like standing in a room where you have a lot of fascinating ornaments, you know there is more value in one of the other rooms of the mansion but you can’t find the door to get there. Every now and then you think you see the door, but when you get closer, it has moved. Because of this I am going to be doing the AbraMelin Work/Operation to properly meet and converse with my HGA. I did start this once many years back, but I was attempting to take the instructions and put them into a very Pagan concept. I encountered problems along the way and abandoned it. Now however I have become more familiar and more comfortable with Kabbalah and therefore I will approach it from that standpoint.

I will attempt to write on this every day, this Journal being a public interface where anyone can come along, read and discover something for themselves, and find out how things progress for me. However there may be days where things just don’t progress and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with the same entry of “Nothing to report today” and therefore, I may skip here and there. Some aspects may also be too private to write for public consumption, and so obviously, you won’t get to read those bits, but I will do my best to provide an entertaining account of my work.

At present I am preparing so I will be keeping you up to date on my thoughts in this regard. I did come across a very interesting work on the Abramelin system that may interest you, An Abramelin Ramble.

Location, Location, Location

2010/12/04 09:15 AM

One of the biggest problems for people when wanting to attempt the AbraMelin Operation is the Oratory. In the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage we read that it should be as follows:

“Ye shall choose an Apartment which hath a Window, joined unto the which shall be an uncovered Terrace (or Balcony), and a Lodge (or small room or hut) covered with a roof, but so that there may be on every side windows whence you may be able to see in every direction, and whence you may enter into the Oratory. In the which place the Evil Spirits shall be able to appear, since they cannot appear within the Oratory itself. In the which place, beside the Oratory towards the quarter of the North, you shall have a roofed or covered Lodge, in the which and from whence one may be able to see the Oratory.”

This of course requires you to build a room (or two) somewhere on your property, which is not too practical for everyone. Alternatively, you can go to a place “…where there is a small wood, in the midst of which you shall make a small Altar, and you shall cover the same with a hut (or shelter) of fine branches, so that the rain may not fall thereon and extinguish the Lamp and the Censer. Around the Altar at the distance of seven paces you shall prepare a hedge of flowers, plants, and green shrubs, so that it may divide the entrance into two parts…”

But again, if you do not have a private wood or forest where you can go, then it will be open to the public, extremely impractical. So what do you do? Well you can either choose a room that is as close to the description given, or you can use an Astral Temple.

One thing I found difficult when using a room that was as close as possible to that given in the book, was that although it was comfortable, had double doors opening onto the east side, it was not what we have described whereby you have large openings in the all four walls to see the spirits approaching from the four directions. After all, once you have gained Knowledge & Conversation with the HGA you will need to summon and command the four Kings of the Quarters and get them to give you servants. Therefore, you may get to a point where you realize that you can’t move forward. Summon the King of the North and what then? “oh my goodness, sorry, there’s no window. You’ll have to shout!”. Wouldn’t work. Also, it just doesn’t feel right which affects your work because you don’t feel like you are performing the task as you should be.

An Astral Temple will allow to create your Oratory anyway you wish and not have to worry about the expenses of building or how you are going to do the necessary tasks without having windows and doors in the right place. I will explain more about this in upcoming posts, but I wanted to let you know here that there is always a way to do what you need.


12/4/2010 9:41 AM

As for the plan of your Astral Oratory, you can create it as you wish. If you prefer a room with four windows and a roof, then go for it, but I have a lot of Pagan tendencies running through me, so I like an open area in the woods. One thing you will also need is a an entrance, and that entrance needs to be approached. In the book there is a note where it mentions “so that it may divide the entrance into two parts” which indicates that the original French which Mathers translated into his English version had “l’avenue”. This would indicate a road or path leading up to the enclosure which is bordered on each side by tress, i.e. an avenue.

What we therefore have is a circle enclosure in the woods which is surrounded by a bush, much like a that found in Europe and close to what we might have found as the Druidic Nemeton or that hedge which surrounded a Hof. In this case, you could bring in this aspect if you have a leaning to the Germanic faiths. The only problem with the Hof of course is the lack of windows.

In the middle of the circle hedge is a stone altar made from stones that have not been worked in anyway, so they will be piled up on top of each other to form a small altar top. Of course this is done in the astral world, so you really don’t have to worry about them falling over, you’ll hold them together with your will.

Leading up to the enclosure should be a walkway, road or path, whether it be something elaborate or a winding path through the forest. In the process of reaching the astral temple, you do not want to suddenly pop up in the middle of it. Instead, you want to work your way into the world you have created. The time it takes to move from point A to point B, being your Oratory, will allow you to do this.

Your Nice Shiny Vehicle

12/4/2010 10:10 AM

(There are a variety of things you will be doing, or at least I will be doing, and suggesting them, which will all be outlined separately with their own titles for easy reference, of which I will then put together in a ritual outline post. However, when forming the Body of Light it is a good idea to start with a meditation that gets Divine energy flowing in and around you, so refer to the Active Meditation in The Black Crow of doing the Mother Breath, Tuning and Toning and Pore Breathing Through the Hands.)

Now to talk about the method in which you move from this physical world to your astral world. First of all you need a vehicle, and because this is mostly a Kabbalistic approach to a Working, you can use the standard Body of Light.

When you construct the Body of Light, you essentially form a Cosmic Cross around your body with blue energy. If you have read my lesson on doing the Kabbalistic Cross in The Black Crow, then you will understand what I am talking about. If not, please go and read it so that you can have the proper background as to the Cosmic Cross. The only difference here is that you will be forming it around the body and not just around the head and torso. What you end up with is a shiny blue three-dimensional cosmic cross that is pulsating with energy. This is your vehicle.

From what I have been told, the more you perform this small ritual, the more intense the Body of Light becomes, to the degree where it can actually be seen around you at times. In the case of working with the astral temple, and specifically with the AbraMelin Operation, you will be doing this twice a day for at least 6 months. One thing to bear in mind is that although Mathers’ version of the book mentions doing the Operation for six months, this is the minimum time and not actually correct. In other versions it mentions 18 months, and still other people will tell you to forget the time period altogether, and to just do the work every day until you get the results, which I am far more partial to.

The ritual you will be doing in order to form the Body of Light is in four stages, and goes as follows:

Stage One

It might be a good to trace the path and become familiar with it before you go ahead and start doing it properly. The path or pattern you will use is described in detail below, but each stage must be done in one breath. I will also refer to the sounds, not the positions around the body, so familiarize yourself with those sounds and positions, which are:

Top – EE

Left – AH

Bottom – OH

Right – EH

This of course makes EE, AH, OH, EH which is IAOE or YHVH.

  1. Draw a quarter circle line from EE to AH and continue through to OH and then to EH. Whilst you draw this pattern and the lines you will of course not move, but imagine the blue energy line forming as you vocalize the sounds. All sounds must flow into each other so don’t go EE…AH, etc. but EEAHOHEHEEAHEHOH… and continue allowing them to flow into each other, all done in one breath.
  2. Continue from there up to EE and then back to AH, from that point you move a semi-circle horizontally behind your body to EH and then follow the already formed quarter to OH.
  3. From the OH form a semi-circle vertically behind to EE, then back down to OH through the front, move up to EH and then form the last semi-circle horizontally around the front to AH.

Now with each consecutive stage you will shift this pattern 90 degrees each time, forming four cosmic crosses in total, therefore four breaths, so you see it doesn’t take that long to do when you have the patterns well practiced.

Stage Two

  1. Start at AH and do the circle around your body to OH, EH and EE.
  2. Continue to AH and then OH and draw the semi-circle behind the body to EE, then go to EH.
  3. Draw a semi-circle behind the body to AH and continue back to EH with the semi-circle in front of the body, then go to EE and draw the last semi-circle in front to OH.

Stage Three

  1. Start at OH and do the circle around your body to EH, EE and AH.
  2. Continue to OH and then EH and draw the semi-circle behind the body to AH, then go to EE.
  3. Draw a semi-circle behind the body to OH and continue back to EE with the semi-circle in front of the body, then go to AH and draw the last semi-circle in front to EH.

Stage Four

  1. Start at EH and do the circle around your body to EE, AH and OH.
  2. Continue to EH and then EE and draw the semi-circle behind the body to OH, then go to AH.
  3. Draw a semi-circle behind the body to EH and continue back to AH with the semi-circle in front of the body, then go to OH and draw the last semi-circle in front to EE.

And that completes the Body of Light. From there you can Journey to your astral temple which will be outlined more in future posts.

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