The Abramelin Journal – Part 3

Taking IT in

2010/12/05 09:05 PM

Because I feel it a good idea to outline the actual practices and the method of using them now, I think we should get that out of the way so we can get onto the Journal bits more specifically.

Taking on the Name is a form of Hebrew/Kabbalistic prayer called a Yichud. In this form of prayer you actually use various permutation of the Ineffable Name and bring them into your body, i.e. you bring God, YHVH, into your body. This promotes many things including good health and a strong connection with all things and the energy that flows around you. However, if you start to get a God or Messiah complex, and hopefully someone will tell you before it is too late, and hopefully you will listen, then stop the practice immediately. There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are here to save the world from it/themselves, is a sign of a very unbalanced nature and is very destructive.

Now the reason I am suggesting this practice is because of the manner of the work at hand. You are attempting to reach K&C of the HGA, but in order to do that, you need to connect with Divinity. Taking on the Name is the best method I have come across to do this, but if you prefer another, then go for it, as long as you connect with Divinity. By Divinity I mean that which is everything and no-thing. This is not a being or a spirit (as many seem to consider God to be), but it is a force, a power that has always been, comes from nothing and manifests into everything. It is present in that which you can comprehend and that which is beyond you, present in every atom and the nothingness between them. It is everything and we are It. I don’t care what anyone says, every person believes in this force in some way or another, even a hard atheist has to acknowledge that there is an energy which forms everything. This is not religion, it is just the simple fact that something exists which is a force, power or energy that is present in all things, whether you call it God or Bob, I don’t care, but for the purpose of communication, I am calling it God, and I recognize it as YHVH.

So, onward to the actual practice. As mentioned you will be using various permutations of the Ineffable Name, YHVH, and bringing them into the body. It is a very good idea at this point to familiarize yourself with the Hebrew letters Yod, Heh and Vau, as you will need to visualize them, so I have included them below (remember that Hebrew is read from right to left). With each permutation you will be visualizing the letter forming in your body along a line of energy, and then in the entire body, so you will see Yod form into a brilliant golden or white letter, like it is coming to life or igniting in your body, followed by Heh, then Vau and finishing with Heh again.

The first thing to do is stand, relax and then take a deep breath in. On the out breath project a line of energy from your forehead into the sky and connect with your Infinite Power Source (this was often pictured as a big eye in the sky). If this is your first time doing this, take a few of these breaths and really connect with it. On the in breath you will then draw energy from the Infinite Power Source into your forehead and then you follow this with the sounding of the first permutation. Now I will list the permutations below so it will be easier to follow, but here I will take you through the motions. As you sound the permutation, you imagine the letters igniting in a line that goes from your forehead over the top of your head to the base of the skull at the back.

You then breathe in again and draw energy from the Infinite Power Source, into the forehead and along the line you have created to the back of the head, and then you sound the next permutation that leads from that point at the back of the head around the right of the head back to the forehead.

Repeat as above, so drawing in a breath and energy from the Source to your forehead, along the line over the head and then around the right side, and then sound the next permutation from the forehead to the back of the head around the left side of the head.

You continue like this, each time drawing energy in from the source, following the line you have created to the place where you last ended, and doing the next permutation, sounding the letters and visualizing them ignited as you do. The permutations then take the following course, and I will include those previously mentioned with the sounds:

Forehead over top of head to base of skull – YAH-HAH-VAH-HAH

Base of skull around right side of head to forehead – YAH-HAH-VAH-HAH

Forehead around left side of head to base of skull – YAY-HAY-VAY-HAY

Down right arm to finger tips – YEH-HEH-VEH-HEH

Up left arm to shoulder – YUH-HUH-VUH-HUH

Across torso from left shoulder to right hip – YOH-HOH-VOH-HOH

Down right leg to foot – YEE-HEE-VEE-HEE

Up left leg to hip – YOO-HOO-VOO-HOO

Down/out genitals into ground – YOO-HOO-VOO-HOO

Once you have completed that then you take one last long, deep breath in, drawing energy into the entire body (either following the lines you have create right through the body or letting it wash into the body moving from head to feet) and then you sound Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh into the body. Now this final permutation, the actual Name is pronounced IAOE, so as you visualize the letters in the body, you let the name flow unhindered as EEEEAAHHOOHHEEHH. When doing this see the letter Yod in the head with the sound of EE, followed by Heh across the clavicle and into the arms with the sound AH, then following that with the letter Vau in the torso from chest down to lower abdomen and the sound OH, and ending with Heh in the legs and across the pelvis area with the sound EH.

And then you are done.

Time Zones

2010/12/08 03:18 PM

I have written and spoken about this quite a lot in the past few years, but I had better put it into a place where it can be referred to easily as posts and emails have now been scattered. This is something that I was taught some years back by a High Priest and is very pertinent to the conversation relating to the use of astral temples.

To put it simply, Light Time is the flow of the clock as we know it in our physical world, whereas Dark Time is that which is experienced in the astral worlds. In other essays and chapters I have written about the ideology of Time and Space being lateral and linear as we see it in our everyday life. Relating to this discussion, Light Time can be viewed as linear, as we move from one moment to the other and record it in man-made seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. Dark Time is then lateral as it does not move from moment to moment but all things that have, are and can happen are doing so in the very moment. In many ways to try and explain this in words is impossible because to say “are doing so in the very moment” implies that there is a moment in time, which is not true. There is no moment, there is no time, everything happens…

Let me not go off on a tangent explaining linear and lateral time however, as this discussion is specific to Light and Dark Time. In this case, we can function in both, and we do. Whilst our physical body is moving around from here to there, getting up in the morning, going to work, going home, doing all the things we do during the day and in the evening, sleeping in bed, everything of a physical nature, our astral body is also functioning in the astral worlds, doing what it needs to do. However, in most cases that astral body is moving with us, but at a different vibration. Imagine your body doing its daily activities, and then imagine that you have another body within that physical body. This second body is also doing those things your physical is doing, but the way it interacts with the environment is different, because it is functioning on a different level of existence.

But how does this fall into the use of astral temples. When I was taught about this concept it was because we were working as a group in an astral temple. We would do rituals in the temple and would all meet and do our part. These rituals were very powerful. What a lot of people can’t make sense of though, is that we continued with our normal life whilst we were doing these rituals in Dark Time and the rituals would span over maybe a week or more of what we would consider Light Time.

If you are working by yourself in the astral temple, then working in Dark Time, you could in fact do an entire working in what would be a few seconds of Light Time, in fact, the ritual you may be planning has already been done, and has been done in many different ways, by you.

Confused yet? Think in terms of parallel lives. When you come to a fork in the road you make a decision to move along one of the forks in the path, rejecting the other option or options, right? Well you might think you make that decision, but in fact you make both or all decisions, and parallel lives split off and follow those other paths. So when you sit down to do your ritual, the motions you go through which you consider to be time related, are not, and all the manners in which you could have performed the ritual are performed in your various parallel lives. But when working in the astral temple, you are working in Dark Time which means that there is no time.

If this still isn’t making sense, it probably will when you start to work in your astral temple. You will probably find that the time it takes to enter the temple, do your work and come back, may seem like 30 minutes for example, but when you look at your watch or the clock, only a couple minutes have gone by. For some people the opposite may be the case where the half an hour that you feel you were in the temple actually ends up being 2 hours in the physical world.

Incidentally, if you are someone who feels they can’t astral project, don’t worry, you can still do this work as you are not required to do any form of conscious astral projection. So read on, all will be explained in due course.

Noise Reduction

2010/12/09 08:41 AM

Living in an old church I have found that noise carries quite a lot. This has made it a little difficult at times when doing rituals as I have to ask for the TV to be turned down and where my Temple Room is placed, a lot of noise carries in from the outside through the openings at the top of the bell tower. I bet Abraham didn’t TV and cellphone problems to contend with.

Quite often this isn’t too much of a problem though. As mentioned I just get the TV turned down, switch the phone off and my work is usually done in the evenings which are usually quieter, plus I have managed to block out a lot of sound and keep focus on what I am doing. However, having to do the AbraMelin Operation twice a day has brought up some difficulties in the morning. Firstly, sounds carry down in the morning and people are leaving for work, etc. so there is a lot of commotion, but my family is also asleep at the time I have planned to do my morning work. Unless I wake the household up every day, I have to find ways to do thing quietly.

The largest challenge is the meditation and Defining Sacred Space. The Mother Breath is not a hassle as you breath the sounds, so it is quiet, but when you need to hum loudly and then chant in a circle, the volume goes up. The solution here is to whisper. Now this is a little problematic with the humming but if you practice it you will find you can breathe out, hum in your head and you will still feel the tingling or vibration in your body when doing the Tuning and Toning and Pore Breathing Through the Hands.

Creation of Sacred Space is then all done with a whisper, in fact it is often very effective. I say whisper instead of saying the words in your head because in your head can usually distract you with the silence.

Then comes the problem of moving into the astral temple. For this you do need silence, or something that won’t distract you. The noises you hear around you are too much of a distraction because it could be relatively quiet, maybe a muffled drone somewhere which you can accustom yourself to, but suddenly one of the neighbour’s kids shout and you may as well call it a day because it yanks you out. To solve this I would suggest music or drumming. Don’t choose music that you find the need to sing along to or to even pay attention to. Get something that is monotonous, a continuous rhythmic beat. Trance music is probably a good choice here as long as it continues for about half an hour without suddenly changing into a different rhythm. Maybe you can take a sample and loop it, there are some good sound editing software programs out there for free that can do a simple task like this, Audacity is one. You could use nature sounds, chanting or drumming CDs, but you will need to experiment for a while to find the right one for you, that one that doesn’t draw your attention as your attention needs to be focused on the work.

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