The Abramelin Journal – Part 5

2010/12/22 08:20 AM (Summer Solstice)

Sin is being too far from the Centre. God’s Will, his Power, Love, Energy reins down upon us, but we have a skin that filters out and blocks the acceptance of the Energy. The same applies in Trad Craft where our goal is to reach the Centre, to find our place in Old Dame Fate who spins without motion. Being too far from the Centre means that we spin around it and the further we are from it, the faster we spin, with motion. We must become still, we must find the Centre, break the skin.

2010/12/22 07:46 PM (Summer Solstice)

A very simple instruction tonight. If I want to have K&C of my HGA, then I need to know my Nefesh better. I thought I did, but obviously not as well as I should. I will be going through the three week process of getting to know my Nefesh, i.e. speak to it with a mirror, listen to it through dream and then communicate with divination. A necessary part in the process in order to retain memory of the conversation with the HGA. I will be doing this in the mornings.

2010/12/23 06:49 AM

Nothing exciting this morning, just the normal meditation and prayer. I will be doing the Nefesh exercise later on as I need to talk to myself in the mirror to begin with and sound carries in here, family still asleep.

2010/12/24 08:10 PM

The conversation with my Nefesh started last night. It seems for the first week I am to make this connection and work with the Nefesh before going back to the Temple. Some things did come out of my morning prayer and the conversation this evening. An interesting concept of performing Quantum Leaping to a parallel life that you want to share the energy of, and then doing Identification. Problem I had was that Identification is performed with the Nefesh entering the Nefesh of the object you are Identifying with. It would make sense that all of the parallel lives that we may have share the same Nefesh, but I had a bit of a conflict with that also.

After speaking with my Nefesh it seems that it is the Neshamah that is the Puppet Master and each parallel life has its own Ru’ach and Nefesh, therefore jumping into the Nefesh of a parallel life is quite possible, without the difficulty of jumping into yourself or your Nefesh trying to jump into itself, which would just be convoluted.

After the Identification process, the two lives would be joined and sharing energy, so you would be plugged into the energy and persona of the parallel life. This could cause some problems. If you jump into the parallel life and not jump out again, two things would happen, or might happen. Firstly you would share all of that life’s personality traits, so you may become a little schizo, and also, your body would tire as your Nefesh is out. It would need to be a temporary connection. On the other hand, once you have Identified with an object, even once you jump out, you still share a very strong and personal bond, but maybe not enough to share a life.

2010/12/24 09:16 PM

I forgot something from a previous encounter and experience in the Temple. Whilst considering the concept of ourselves being cut off from the Power, needing to move to the Centre, I found myself in a skin, like a bubble, needing to break through. This bubble was my reality, my consensual reality, and if I broke out of it, I would experience the ALL. My thoughts led me back to Castaneda, and the remark I made was, “Castaneda was right.” Although people tend to disregard CC as a fraud, claiming he made the whole thing up and don Juan Matus never existed, I personally don’t give a damn. Whether the tales in the books are true or not, the information that is presented is so vitally important that it cannot be ignored. If DJ never existing and CC made it all up, then the information was put together by CC, and that information, whether it is a multitude of spiritual beliefs from all systems or not, is very interesting.

I have therefore started reading CC’s books again and will probably relate to sections of them and lift quotes throughout this Journal.

From The Teaching of don Juan

Para mi solo recorrer
los caminos que tienen corazon,
cualquier camino que tenga corazon.

Por ahi yo recorro,
y la unica prueba que vale es
atravesar todo su largo.

Y por ahi yo recorro mirando,
mirando, sin aliento.

* * *

(For me there is only the travelling
on paths that have heart,
on any path that may have heart.

There I travel,
and the only worth-while challenge is
to traverse its full length.

And there I travel looking,
looking, breathlessly.)

– Don Juan Matus

“Don’t get me wrong, don Juan,” I protested. “I want to have an ally, but I also want to know everything I can. You yourself have said that knowledge is power.”

“No!” he said emphatically. “Power rests on the kind of knowledge one holds. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless?”

2010/12/26 09:20 AM

I took the day off yesterday, from everything. I realised this morning I shouldn’t have though. The Work should have continued in some form.

However, the practice has developed and is being shaped into what it should be. It has been greatly simplified and some of the original methods I intended to include have been eliminated. At this point, the following is what I have been guided to do:


  1. Mother Breath
  2. Breathing the Universal Element with inclusion of Desire Inhalation and Prayer
  3. Stillness Meditation


  1. Mother Breath
  2. Tuning and toning
  3. Overtoning
  4. Body of Light
  5. Journey to Temple
  6. Work at Temple
  7. Return


  1. Reread Castaneda’s books
  2. Accomplish Quantum Leaping
  3. Establish proper connection with Nefesh

2010/12/26 11:29 AM

From The Teachings of don Juan

“This is not a joke. You must wait until there is no doubt, and then you will meet him.”

“Do I have to prepare myself?”

“No. You simply have to wait. You may give up the whole idea after a while. You get tired easily. Last night you were ready to quit as soon as it got difficult. Mescalito requires a very serious intent.

This is a problem I have and one that I think many of us do. If we don’t get results in 10 minutes, we give up, let alone trying for hours.

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