The Abramelin Journal – Part 6

Happy New Year

2011/01/01 06:09 AM

And a new year begins. This one will be full of upliftment and great success for everyone.

Last night, I finished the last day of speaking to my Nefesh in the mirror, so now we move on to allowing my Nefesh to speak to me in my dreams. I have never been one to remember dreams so although I will be keeping a pen and paper next to my bed, I am a little concerned the results will not be as good as I would like them to be, but we will see. I will also continue to do the journeys to the Temple now.

Comment from S, posted on the WP blog, January 4, 2011 at 7:50 pm:

You can always implant triggers to help you remember your dreams. Either upon falling asleep, recite something to the effect of ‘I will remember my dreams in full upon waking, until they are transferred to my journal.’ Or, put a trigger in your dreams (a golden urn, a silver mirror, etc) that means you will remember this dream completely upon waking.

My Reply, posted January 5, 2011 at 10:41 am:

I have tried that in the past and tried it last night again. It has not been very effective, although I will say this, I woke up at 4 this morning to go to the toilet and on my way there or coming back I had a split second flash of a dream. Whether it was a memory or an actual slip into a dream state for a split second I am not sure. It was of me as a Priest.

I am intrigued about the trigger within the dream though. I know of using a trigger to awaken within a dream, but how would it be used for recall?

S, posted 2011/01/06 at 7:50 am:

Similar theory as to awaken within a dream. It implants the signal, so to speak, to remember and transmit the dream to the conscious state in the dream state, as opposed to trying to pull it through from the conscious state. Sort of the difference between sending out a message, and putting out a call for all entries.

It works best if you can have a physical receiver on the conscious end. That could be a matching object, a specific sian, a person, etc. Often a strong link between the dream object and the conscious object helps establish a link more quickly.

Me, posted January 6, 2011 at 11:13 am:

So to create the trigger, one would just choose an object and then during the day, look at it for a minute or two and ask if it is in a dream or not. Eventually you would see it in the dream and then can use it to connect to the dream memory once you are awake?

S, posted 2011/01/06 at 7:18 pm:

Yes. I would probably ask, what message are you holding for me, or what have to received from my dreams. I would give it a fair shake of about a month to get the connection to establish.

I have had good success using this method for my students that just can’t remember their dreams, even with journaling.

2011/01/02 06:42 PM

Surprise, surprise, I dreamt last night. Strangely enough I went to bed very uncomfortable and couldn’t get to sleep until after midnight. I had a big meal during the day which accounts for the uncomfortable feeling. Usually I need perfect conditions, i.e. comfortable bed, comfortable body and comfortable temperature during the night, in order to dream, but that was not the case last night. I recall having three very vivid dreams. We will see if this was not just a coincidence tonight and the nights following.

2011/01/04 07:28 AM

Well I have been dreaming every night thus far, although the last two nights have not been as vivid and my recall is terrible. I did have a song on my mind playing over and over this morning after waking up, Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart by Marc Almond/Gene Pitney. Possibly an indication that I am on a Path with Heart.

Oil of AbraMelin Findings

2011/01/04 05:24 PM

I was doing some research on Sacred Plants, specifically cannabis at the time and came across some very curious information. Firstly a little background, and then we’ll get to the curious part.

Oil of AbraMelin, which modern magicians use in ritual and ceremony to anoint, is derived from the Holy Oil of Tanakh. This Holy Oil, mentioned in Exodus, was only used to anoint Holy Men and Kings, and by being anointed made them Christs (the anointed ones). When Jesus came along, being the rebel he is, he decided to take the Holy Oil and anoint everyone who wanted to be anointed. He used it to heal, to drive out demons and bring God to the people. This was against the law of the Hebrews which stated that for someone to use on those which are not allowed it would set that person apart. Christ, his disciples and followers were indeed set apart, and Christianity was borne out through the ages with Gnosticism sticking to some more original material. Christianity means “to be smeared or anointed with Holy Oil”.

So what is this Holy Oil (now for the curious part)? In Exodus we might find the ingredients to be myrrh, aromatic cane, cinnamon, cassia and olive oil, but it is the aromatic cane that has created the most curiosity as it is not translated properly. The Hebrew gives it as Kaneh-bosm with the ‘m’ at the end of a word indicating a large quantity, so singularly it would be Kaneh-bos. This word has been translated as being calamus, which sounds almost right (where Crowley got galangal from I don’t know). However, it has been speculated that calamus is also a mistranslation. The correct translation for Kaneh-bos should actually be cannabis (say kaneh-bos fast 10 times, you’ll understand why).

What does this mean for Christianity? I hate to say it folks, but it possibly means that Christianity was borne out of a culture that used cannabis to reach divine and ecstatic heights or enlightenment.

2011/01/07 08:39 AM

Just to let you know I have not abandoned the work, but each mediation and journey is not presenting anything new at this point so there is nothing to report. I am however dreaming, quite vividly. There were two nights that didn’t give me anything, although on one of those nights I woke up early, about 4am and had a flash of a dream image, whether it was memory or I slipped into a dream state for a split second, I can’t tell.

Conflict and Stepping Stones

2011/01/12 05:36 PM

I am certainly having some conflict over concepts and capabilities. Firstly, I was reading An Abramelin Ramble by Bill Heidrick again. According to what he states, I have already reached Knowledge and Conversation with my HGA. He states that once you recognise and realise the voice that has always been with you, but has just been unheard for so long, then you have K&C with your HGA, and in the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage it says, “…because your Guardian Angel is already about you, though Invisible, and conducteth and governeth your heart, so that you shall not err”. This would indicate that I have reached this point. It may have taken a few years, and half the time I didn’t know I was actually working to get there, but I am there. I have Knowledge and Conversation with my HGA. Unfortunately I didn’t take the formal route and there is no way of tracking back 15 or more years of practice and study in the various Artes to pinpoint what I actually did to get me here. I guess it is actually a large picture with many things happening, this just being one of them included in the big process.

My conflict is that I am finding it very hard to accept this. As always I feel there should be more, but I think I have it a little screwed up. I have reached that point, I need to accept that and move on with the next step. The problem here is, I am a very logical person. I feel that stepping stones need to be stepped across correctly. First you place your right foot on the first stone, and then your left foot on the second, etc. However, Magick is not like that. You may start out well and then all of a sudden a few other stones present themselves which are not part of the logical pattern. The Cosmos is not logical and yet it is. The logical stones are there, but your path takes you to the other stones that seem illogical to you, but are in fact the correct next steps in a picture which is bigger than you are able to view with your limited vision. As time goes on you start to see more and your vision expands, but you often tend to come back to the old way of seeing. This is when you need to slap yourself and realise that you are moving in the right direction and you have come to a certain point that you didn’t think you could get taking a diverting path. Just accept it for crying out loud and move on.

So it appears the next step begins in Chapter Twelve. I will continue with my meditations and work as it has been laid out up until now, until the full moon on the 19th and then commence with the final stages.

The process is as follows (summarised, and some mix and match and own preference included):

Last Day

  • Enter the Oratory/Temple, light the lamp, light the incense. Begin to pray (here include the Orison that is included in the Twelfth Chapter or one of your own making).
  • When finished, anoint forehead with Oil of Abramelin. You may proceed to anoint the altar, tools and vestments, depending on preference.
  • Finish with your normal prayers/meditations.

Convocation of the Good Spirits

  • Upon rising go straight to Oratory (I am choosing to do this naked).
  • Place ashes from incense of previous day upon head, light the lamp and new incense. Place silver plate on altar.
  • Prostrate yourself upon the ground and pray fervently.
  • Once the Splendour has arrived the Oratory, ask it to sign the silver plate.
  • When Splendour leaves, go to plate and copy what is there written. This is seal to use when wishing to call the HGA.
  • Leave the Oratory with lamp burning.
  • Prepare for the next day, do not enter again.

Day of Consecration

  • Go to Oratory, naked, light lamp and incense. Prostrate face to the floor and pray for two or three hours.
  • Return midday and pray for an hour, and again in the evening.

The Three Days of the Convocation of the Good and Holy Spirits

  • Light the incense and the lamp.
  • Render thanks to God and your HGA for the gifts given and ask that they never abandon you. Also that you may have the force to constrain the spirits.
  • Your HGA should then appear before and speak with you.
  • Remain in the Oratory and converse with your HGA. Quit for a short time in the afternoon and then enter again.
  • Take book and pen with to note down the instructions given.
  • In the evening, say your prayers and then quit. Leave windows open and lamp lit.

Instructions for the next two days are missing. All it states is “You shall return as on the preceding days unto your apartment where you shall modestly recreate yourself, and eat your necessary food, then you shall go to rest until the following morning.” I assume from this point forward you rely purely on the instructions given by the HGA.

The Three Days of the Convocation of the Evil Spirits

Apart from what you are instructed to do by your HGA in this regard, the three days are for the following convocations – Day one for the Four Princes, day two for the Eight Sub-Princes and day three for the Spirits under the Sub-Princes.

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