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The Daemonic Wealth Web

Below I have provided a video with an in-depth explanation of what to expect with the Daemonic Wealth Web. If you would like to sign up, you can do so on either my YouTube Channel, or through my Ko-Fi page.


My name is Emma and I would just like to share with you some results of me being a member of the daemonic wealth web. I put 10 usd into my gambling account and come out with 800 within a couple of 2 dollar spins. I watched the ritual recording on youtube and wow, thank you for all your work you have put into creating this egregore B********a and for birthing this opportunity into existence.

Emma Thomas

But what is it?

I work with a group of financial and wealth Daemons, namely Belphegor, Clauneck, Belial, Beelzebub and Mammon. What I am doing with the Wealth Web is bringing that work and extending it to everyone who wishes to become a member. Every month at the full moon I will perform a ritual, calling the Daemons in and asking them to add their power to the Web. Everyone who is connected to that Web will reap the benefits.

Whether you are trying to get a job, already have a job and want to make it into a career, maybe you need to move up the corporate ladder, or if you have a business idea that you need to put into action, possibly a small business that you need to take to the next step and turn it into an empire, whatever it may, if it falls into the arena of money, finances, abundance, wealth and prosperity, then the Daemonic Wealth Web can help you.

The Egregore

As more people join the Daemonic Wealth Web an Egregore will be created. It has already been designed and is being put into action, but in order for an Egregore to aid a group of people, it needs to grow and become strong. This Egregore will possess and channel the powers of the five Daemonic Forces mentioned above. It will become a collective, and that power will run through the Web to everyone connected to it.

When you join as a member you will be connected to the Web and therefore to the Current of the Egregore. You will be given its name, sigil and simple instructions.

If you cancel your membership, you will be disconnected from the Web, no questions asked, it will be entirely your choice.

The Rituals

I, Lee W Johnson, will be the one that will perform the ritual each and every month to pull in the powers of the Daemonic Forces and channel them into the Egregore, and therefore into the Web. Each month this ritual will be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube Channel and Ko-Fi, made viewable to members only.

Why am I doing this?

The Spirits themselves have been pushing me to do this since 2020. I did attempt to get it up and running back then but it just didn’t feel complete, something was missing. It is only recently that I found the missing element, the collective energy that the Egregore will provide, and so I now bring it to you so that everyone can take advantage of this opportunity.

Sign up

If you would like to sign up and join the Daemonic Wealth Web, then go to one of the link below and join the appropriate membership level. The cost is $10 per month and as long as you remain a member, you will remain connected to the Daemonic Wealth Web.