The Red Coven

The Red Coven is a community that is run on Discord. It is also home to The Red Coven Magick School and the Weekly Meditation Classes.

You can join the Discord server by going to and get involved in the general discussions, however if you would like to unlock the various levels, then please join on my YouTube channel or via my Ko-Fi Page.

Legal Requirement: For legal purposes, you must be an adult to sign up for these memberships. Please make sure you are of legal age according to your country or state.

What are the Membership Levels?

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Daemonic Wealth Web

I work with a group of financial and wealth Daemons, namely Belphegor, Clauneck, Belial, Beelzebub and Mammon. What I am doing with the Wealth Web is bringing that work and extending it to everyone who wishes to become a member. Every month at the full moon I will perform a ritual, calling the Daemons in and asking them to add their power to the Web. Everyone who is connected to that Web will reap the benefits.

Whether you are trying to get a job, have a job and making a career, need to move up the corporate ladder, or if you have a business idea that you need to put into action, a small business that you need to take to the next level, turn it into an empire, whatever it may, if it falls into the arena of money, finances, abundance, wealth and prosperity, then the Web can help you.

Weekly Meditation Classes

These classes are once a week and are an hour long with discussion, guided meditation and teaching. They take place on the Discord server which you will be added to when joining this tier. This is a secular class and will not focus on any specific tradition or path. We will explore a variety of different meditation and breath techniques to expand out knowledge and practice. You will also get access to the previous tier, the Daemonic Wealth Web. You can choose to participate in that or simply ignore it and focus on the meditation classes. The Discord server is purely for discussions and practice surrounding the topics of meditation and complimentary healing.

Magick School

Join The Red Coven Magick School. This will be an ongoing teaching environment including video and text tutorials on all topics of Magick and Witchcraft together with live video chats which will be face to face group training and discussions.

The monthly fee includes all of my Video Courses, books and if you would like, Reiki Attunements. All new courses, books, etc. will be added as they are published.

You will also get access to the previous tiers, i.e. the Daemonic Wealth Web and the Weekly Meditation Classes.

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