The Shop of Lee Pause and Namibia

Hello folks, this is really just an announcement to let you know what is going on. Firstly The Shop of Lee has been placed on pause. Although you will be able to browse the shop, you won’t be able to checkout. Why? Because my head is a rambling pattern of hecticness at the moment and I wanted to do some changes on the shop and make improvements.

The reason for my state of hecticness (that should really be a word), is that we launch Net-Working-Pro on the 1st of September and there is a lot to be done there. I am also going to be away for two and a half weeks, and will be away during the launch, so trying to get as much finished on NWP this week in case I don’t have great internet connection on the road trip.

Where am I going for the next two and a half weeks? It’s a road trip to Upington, then going across the border to Namibia, down the coast back into the Northern Cape and then to Kimberley and back home. I may not be able to always do a blog post or podcast during that time but will do my best. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share at some point and will probably upload pics and such to the FB Page and Instagram. So, watch out for that.

Taking some drawing utensils with also. Have a need to pick up a pencil again and create some art which I haven’t done in a very long time, so may need to get the old art machine cranked up.

So anyway, just wanted to let everyone know and when the dust settles after I get back, I should be able to focus more time on the shop and get that sorted out. Onward and upward. Hopefully my girlfriend won’t leave me in the desert.

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