If you are looking for the perfect ring, whether it be for casual wear or as an engagement or wedding band, then titanium or tungsten carbide is a great metal to look at. You may be wondering what the benefits of these rings are compared to traditional gold or platinum, or even to silver and stainless steel for that matter.SHOP FOR RINGS

titanium ring

Strong and Powerful

One of the biggest problems with rings is that they are very easily scratched. Most people who wear gold wedding bands will more than likely take them off when they are working with their hands. Even when washing the dishes, a gold ring can get tarnished or blemished over time. With titanium or tungsten carbide, this doesn’t happen. In fact they keep their lustre forever.

These metals are extremely strong and scratch resistant. Tungsten carbide happens to be the most scratch resistant metal known to man. They will not dent and are nearly indestructible. They also won’t tarnish so you won’t have to clean them in chemicals.SHOP FOR RINGS

More Affordable

Apart from the strength of the metal, titanium and tungsten carbide rings are a lot more affordable than gold or platinum, making them a favorite amongst most people now a days, especially considering the recent escalation in the cost of gold and platinum rings.

Titanium is also very lightweight, weighing about one-third that of gold. This makes it very comfortable to wear. If you are looking for something heavier so that you feel like you are wearing power on your hand, then try tungsten carbide which is heavier than platinum.


If you are like me you may be allergic to certain metals. A lot of people find they can’t wear silver or gold because of this. Titanium and tungsten carbide on the other hand are both hypoallergenic so unless you are a very rare case, you don’t have to worry about that nasty rash.SHOP FOR RINGS

Get the Right Size

Making sure that you get the correct size ring is very important. To do this, follow the below instructions and refer to the size chart.

Take a thin piece of string or cotton thread and wrap it around the finger you wish to wear the ring on. Pull it tight (but don’t squash or squeeze the finger) and mark the overlap with a pen. Measure the string from mark to mark in millimeters and you have your ring size according to the sizing table (the inner perimeter measurement).


So if you are looking for a ring that is affordable, won’t create any allergic reactions, is scratch resistant and will look great for your foreseeable lifetime, then look no further. Have a look at the rings in our Men’s Accessories department. Their sheer sleekness and boldness make them a leader.


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