Book 1

Foundational Training Overview

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Upon successful approval of your application, you will become Probationer 0°. After a six month period your progress will be assessed and if you have been doing the required work and wish to move forward, you will become Neophyte 1°.

The foundational training will continue for one year. After that period the applicant will be considered for induction into the Outer Circle. Upon successful acceptance, the applicant will be required to do a self-initiation and will be become Initiate 2°.

During the one year program the applicant will receive training in magickal practices that will form the foundation of their own path. Whether they are accepted into the Outer Circle, or choose not to continue, after that period, this foundational training will form the basis for a good magickal practice moving forward.

Following is an outline and brief description of the practices that will be required. Further discussion of each practice will be mentioned in other books to follow.

Meditation and Breathing

In this section of the training we will cover meditation and breathwork in general, following many of the precepts of Raja Yoga and the eight limbs of yoga. This will start you out with basic sitting for a period of time (asana) and breathwork (pranayama), working into one-pointed meditation (dharana) and then into still-mind or the uninterrupted flow of concentration (dhyana).

During this work you will also be required to reflect on your own personality, both dark and the light aspects of Self, forming a black and white mirror. This is good to get to know yourself properly and therefore know how to move forward to attaining Self Creation.

Ancestral Work

Working with the Ancestors is a very important practice and one that spans the globe through all traditional paths. We will discuss how to set up an Ancestral altar and how to work with the Ancestors, however it will be open to personal interpretation as many people need to reach into their own cultural past where particular Ancestral Worship may be prevalent.

Cleansing and Protection

Spiritual cleansing on a regular basis is an excellent practice to make sure that you are clean of any psychic debris and pests. When we start down a road of magick we open ourselves up to a different vibrational energy which can often bring with it said pests that will attach themselves to you. They are usually more or less harmless, they just like the energy that you create, much like a moth to a flame.

This is also where warding comes in. You will be taught how to set up your wards to protect you. This will help you with the psychic pests but also from any intentional or unintentional attacks from other people. Unfortunately there are those out there who feel the need to prove their magickal prowess by psychically attacking others.

Banishing rituals are also a part of this area of practice, and can be used as a spiritual or psychic cleansing, but also done pre-ritual in order to banish anything from spirits to negative thoughts from you in order to be clear before proceeding with ritual.

Circle Constructs

There are many ways to cast a circle or create sacred space. This section will be an examination and study of a variety of different traditions and paths and how they construct their circles. We will look at why we create sacred space, what it is used for, how a circle is cast, directionality and we will also examine the various placements of Elements, Magickal Weapons, Gods/Goddeses/Angels/Daemons and the Mythical Lands.

Candle Magick and Sigil Work

In order to understand how magick itself works, you will be performing candle spellwork and creating sigils. These are two very simple yet effective methods to attain your desires.

Candle Magick is used by many traditions, however it has come to be one of the main focuses of Hoodoo magick which is where we will focus our efforts in this regard. Candle magick is very practical and relies heavily on sympathetic magick.

Sigil work is good for understanding how magick is actually transmitted to the unconscious mind where the desire is then brought into fruition.

A good understanding and practice of both forms will give you a solid platform to launch into other areas of magickal spellwork.

Further Study and Reading

You will be assigned twelve books to read over the one year period, giving you a month to read and study each book. These books will mostly be from the old Masters such as Aliester Crowley, Dion Fortune and Franz Bardon.

Where a book is still in print you are encouraged to purchase said book in order to support the authors. Links will be provided for purchase.

You are also encouraged to read as much as you can regarding different religions, traditions and magickal/spiritual practices.


Keep a daily journal. The entries do not need to be lengthy, if you only have one word or one line to write that is fine, but be as detailed as possible recording your experiences and impressions.

Your journal should be written by hand, so get a nice notebook and pen, keep it in the place where you do your practice and write in it after every practice. The reason for using written format instead of using a PC is simply to give it your personal impression and imprint. This alone will come in handy later.


There will be an online meeting on the first Sunday of every month. This meeting will be to ask any questions you may have. It is vital that everyone attend those meetings, even if you do not have any questions yourself.

Further Practices

It is encouraged, but not required, that you do some form of energetic moving meditation to bring about a level of fitness and also to develop and build your life force, also known as Chi, Qi or Prana. Such practices would be Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Falun Dafa or Tensegrity. I myself would recommend Qi Gong and if you are a little more active then a combination of Qi Gong and Yoga. Pilates is even a good option here.

On Divination

Divination is not a requirement, which may seem odd, however I feel it is more important to develop your intuition without using the tools. If you can read the patterns within Chaos and follow them to bring out positive manifestation, then you don’t need to rely on tarot, runes, I Ching or any other form of divinatory methods and tools. We will go into mirror scrying and other divinatory tools when reaching the Outer Circle, but that is not just used for divination, more for astral work and evocation.

If however you have a propensity for divination and would like to pursue it, you are more than welcome to, and you may discuss it in the forum and meetings.

Please take advantage of the forum and the meetings to learn more. Ask any question you like, there is no question too silly or too shocking. No judgement will be made.

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