Last week I gave you some ideas for finding post content ideas when you aren’t sure what to write about. I find myself going to Pinterest more and more to do this. It’s not a social media platform that immediately attracts people the same way Facebook or Instagram does, but it is an incredibly useful one and should be used more.

Pinterest is purely an image based platform, sort of like a digital scrapbook. When you look at the platform you immediately think it is just going to attract people who want to collect images and ideas of their hobbies, so it wouldn’t work as well as a business platform, but that is where you are wrong.

It has evolved into a social media network that allows shopping Pins that tag your products for sale, and you can advertise on the platform, although much of this is still in the early stages and not necessarily available in all countries. However, it is growing rapidly and so worth keeping an eye on. Pinterest actually went public in April so they are now listed on the stock market and selling shares.

But how do you get content for your posts?

Simply search for your topic and see what you get. Some of the results may be just images of things people felt were relevant to the topic, but a lot of the time bloggers and businesses have created a Pin specifically for their blog articles. You can click through to these articles and share them on your social media, or you can see what other people are writing about and improve on their articles.

Let’s have a look at our boring topic example from last weeks post, life insurance. A search on Pinterest reveals the following:

As you can see, lots of posts about life insurance, and there a lot more below these results. The first one is 22 Ways to Sell the Value of Life insurance. If you can come up with 30 ways then you can improve on that article.

You can click through to Protect Your Family’s Financial Future, copy the link and post it to your Facebook Page, give it a couple hashtags and there’s a post for your social media. Actually you have two because you have also written a new blog post for your website.

As you can see, a very easy and effective way of coming up with post content ideas. Also, when you have written your own blog post then create a Pin for it and link to it on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great tool for any business, all you have to do is use it. By that I mean be active on it, which does take some effort, but if you like Pinterest then it shouldn’t be a problem. On your breaks just pin a load of Pins and you will be well on your way.

By the way, if you are using Pinterest for business, make sure you change your personal account into a business account and you can take advantage of the analytics.