When it comes to prayer most of us in the western or westernized countries immediately think of someone putting their hands together and praying to God which relates it to a Christian-centric environment. This is not the case as prayer is used in every religion throughout the world and history.

As an example you can adopt a runic stance and pray to a Nordic God or Goddess. The placement of the hands with palms together is even older than Christianity and has to do with the energy meridians that run throughout the body.

If you look into Chinese Medicine you will find that there are energy lines running up and down and around the body which transfer energy around it. There are meridians that run into each fingertip and terminate. By touching the fingertips of one hand to their corresponding fingertips on the other hand you are completing a circuit which allows the energy to flow through.

With the praying hand position, known as Heshi in Falun Dafa practice, you therefore connect the meridians, but don’t push your palms together. Fingertips touching lightly, heels of palms touching but there should be a space between palms. This allows the energy to flow between the hands.

The dictionary definition of prayer is “a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or another deity.” With this we can see that we pray to a deity, although I prefer to include all spiritual beings here. Whether it is your deity of choice, your spiritual guides, your Ancestors, the Angels or even your Higher Self, you can pray to them.

With manifestation we are often requesting help in some form or another. We may need to grow our business in order to pay the bills and have a fulfilling life, or we may want that true love to enter our life. In these situations we are asking for help, help to receive the things that we desire.

However, with manifestation techniques we also bring the thing that we want into the Now. By bringing it into the present moment and acting as if we already have it, we are very much altering the energy of what will be into physical reality. Kind of like getting scattered energy which represents a pattern to form into a physical body. In this regard we would then be giving thanks, so although we are requesting help, that help is usually voiced in the way of thanks because we already have it, rather than please help me to….

So, when we pray, we simply talk to a spiritual being. I do this as if I am talking a friend and telling them all about whatever I am focusing on at that time. I tell them how happy I am now that I have….insert desire here, and I just continue like that.

I find that when I talk about it, it helps my feeling appreciation and the visualization to build. Because I am using something that is more physical and tangible as it were, that being the sound of my voice, as opposed to simply imagination, it makes it more real. As I continue to talk it becomes a great deal easier to believe what I am saying and therefore a lot easier to manifest.

If you are wondering who to talk to, don’t worry too much about it, unless you have someone or something in particular that you like to already talk to, just talk.

If you aren’t religious and don’t believe in God or Gods etc then you could always talk to a past relative, even a living one. They don’t need to be physically with you, they are simply a sounding board. In my mind this is still prayer. You can even use the mirror technique and just talk to yourself.

If you are religious or spiritual then you have a plethora of spiritual beings to choose from. If you are an animist you can even talk to the spirit in a blade of grass. Because everything is connected it doesn’t matter if it is a blade of grass or an Archangel, it is all still God, or the Creatrix, the All, the Mind, the Ultimate Power, the Great Architect, whatever name you wish to give It. Therefore, doesn’t matter what or who you speak to, you are still praying to that Power which is everything and no-thing.


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