Available courses

Spontaneous Singing is the practice of allowing the energy to move freely through you and become vocal or sound vibration. This can be used for a multitude of things such as healing and spellwork, creation of talismans and amulets, invocation of spirits, and much more. In this course I take you through all of the steps, practices and meditation techniques that I went through to learn spontaneous singing.

This is a bundle of all courses thus far. It includes all five courses within the Daemonolatry Series and because the use of sigils is important in that series, the Sigil course, which is used within the Servitor course, is also included. Astral Temples become useful for working sigil and servitor magick and for doing Daemonic Ascension work. Therefore all courses relate to each other.

In this course you will discover all you need to know about working with an Astral Temple. I will take you on a journey to find your unique Key so that you can unlock your door to the astral realm. We will discuss how to build your Temple, where to find your Temple, what you can do with your Temple, and most importantly, anyone can do this, you don't need to be able to have an Out of Body Experience. This is a great practice for anyone that is not able to build a physical Temple Room. We also discuss how to create a group Astral Temple and some things to keep in mind to keep everyone safe and healthy.

This course covers the creation of Servitors from the Chaos Magick perspective and also Artificial Elementals as I was taught in Practical Kabbalah. The course includes my book Elementals & Servitors and I give a practical demonstration of the Kabbalistic method, creating an Elemental that you can use to further your own knowledge and understanding on any topic.

Sigil Magick has a long history and is noted as being one of the most effective, and simplest, magical methods avaialble. This course will take you through how to create and use sigils in your practice, but also explains how they work in regards to affecting the unconscious mind. We also have a look at the concept of the robo-fish and shoaling to increase your workings effects.

Moving on from using Enns for invocation, we then move into the astral realm and go to the Daemonic directly in order to work with them. The Astral Temple course goes hand in hand with this one.

In order to work witht he Daemonic entities, we need to invoke them. The most common method for this is to chant the Enn of the entity you wish to work with. This course takes you through how to do that and the aspects of invocation and working with the Daemonic.

In the third class of the Daemonolatry sries we look at cleansing and protection methods, vital aspects of any magical path.

The second class in the Daemonolatry series discusses the creation of Sacred Space and the casting of a Circle with the Elemental Kings.

This is the first class in the Daemonolatry series. Starting with the basics, we go through an introduction into Daemonolatry and then discuss the Five Elemental Kings which are the cornerstone to the practice.