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The Black Hat Chat Live Show

Catch the Black Hat Chat live talk show with Lee W Johnson (Red Oak) and Rev. Kai, a weekly show about living as a modern crafter where two witches will be discussing a variety of topics concerning Magic and Witchcraft and open the floor to questions. You will find us on Youtube and Twitch every Friday at 4pm GMT (11 am CST/6 pm SAST). Please join us with your questions and comments.

You can also join us for general discussion in our community group on Facebook at Wyldwood Temple.




Meditation & Breath Work

Part of The Black Crow Expansion Series

Meadows of Elfhame

Meadows of Elfhame Robin Artisson

This page is a virtual journey into the weald of Traditional Witchcraft. Herein, you will have the opportunity to learn authentic Traditional Craft beliefs and practices, and to hear Inner Teachings of the Old Persuasion.

As you enter into these pages, you will take on the role of the ‘Prentice’, one who seeks admission into the mysteries of the Old Faith. You shall meet teachers, Green-Gowns, Pellars and Wise-wives, who will have much to tell you. Listen carefully.

Consider their words, for below the symbols and letters lies the heart of a people…and a living faith.

YouTube Channel

My content will revolve around the topics of manifestation techniques and Magick. Because of the combination the manifestation techniques I will be discussing are a little more the normal run of the mill videos you get. It will include the usual such as visualization, meditation, vision boards, and the like, but also spell work, sigil magick, and some of the more unusual methods that don’t make it into the mainstream. From a Magickal perspective I have studied & practiced a variety of paths and traditions for the past couple decades and you get the main focus of my videos speaking about Traditional Witchcraft and Daemonolatry.

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