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As a young boy living in England, where I was born, I was always interested in the supernatural. At such an early age it was mostly ghost stories as most young boys are attracted to, but after moving to South Africa with my parents, at the age of twelve years I discovered the books of Lobsang Rampa in the local library and got completely engrossed in reading and learning about the methods of astral travel, telephathy, ESP, and much more. The years continued on and I added more and more knowledge to my young brain. I can attest to the fact that knowledge is addictive.

In my late teens I became involved in the Methodist Church, to the point where I was considering and planning on becoming a Minister. This however was not the plan for me, and due to circumstances, I moved away from the structure of a conventional Church, and continued on my way into the Occult.

My actual practice into all things Magical began in 1995, so the road has been long and interesting. During the past sixteen years I have studied and practiced a variety of religions, paths and traditions. Some of them include Wicca, British Traditional Witchcraft and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry (my roots cry out to me in this regard), Ceremonial and Ritual Magick, Chaos Magick, Kabbalah, Nagualism, and so much more. Although I have taken from all to form my own personal path, the main influences are Traditional Witchcraft, Chaos Magick and Daemonolatry.

Because of my diverse background, I find that a lot of comparative work takes place in my writing. I like to find bridges between different religions and traditions and build those bridges to find the larger picture that is being presented. It is my belief that all religions are correct to some degree, all holding pieces of the puzzle, or keys to the doors that when put together, will form the entire truth of the Cosmos. It is up to us to find those keys and start to unlock the doors to reach a higher awareness.

My Books

The Reality of Things – Study of Occult Principals, is an exploration into the mind of a Magician and Witch. Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson examines many of the things that make up the Occult Paths of Magick and Witchcraft and brings to light the reality of the situation. This book is mostly aimed at the beginner on the Paths, but does not exclude the seasoned practitioner. What you will find is a small tome of information that years of study and practice have uncovered. Topics such as the Power that flows through the Land and through the Body, the concept of Wyrd, studies of the Pentagram and Hexagram, and the teaching of Circle Casting from various Paths. You will also find discussions on topics such as Energetic Entities, Faery and the Fetch, and practical instructions aimed at the beginner, on altar creation and meditation. All in all, this book will create a sound foundation for any practitioner of the Artes, and will lead into the beginning of a magickal practice that will allow you to evolve into an Adept.

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the black crow

The first stage in spiritual alchemy is Negredo, represented by the Black Crow, which is the stage of Awakening the Sleeping Man. Before Awakening can occur, Stillness must be sought, this being Stillness of the Mind and Body. This course book is focused on Stillness, but also goes into many of the rituals and practices that are to be performed during this stage and is complimentary to the first book, The Reality of Things, which was designed to give the beginner on the Paths a solid grounding in their knowledge and understanding of Magick and Witchcraft in general. Here, we continue that Journey with more theory, but add more practice and a practical approach to your daily routine is given.

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elementals servitors

Elementals and Servitors are energetic beings that are created by a Magician or Witch to perform tasks for them. They have been used in various forms by cultures spanning the globe for centuries. This book gives you the methods to work with them and a practical guide on how to create them. Not only does it discuss this aspect of Magic from the perspective of Chaos Magic, but also presents the Kabbalistic method of Elemental creation, giving you a descriptive means of using the Yetziratic Wheel and taking you through the various launching methods.

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