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Here you will find my books under the banner of Pan’s Gate Publishers and I am creating a series, republishing older arcane books which relate to the Occult under Pan’s Arcane Books. The latter are not facsimile copies, I have taken the time to rewrite them although keeping their original formatting, spelling, and grammar. This is my way to honour the teachers that went before us and keep these gems of wisdom in print, and at an affordable price.


I provide a variety of services which include consultations, personal sigil crafting, candle lighting, healing and also Reiki attunements.

If you are looking for something more specific, then please discuss your need with me privately.


You can purchase a variety of video courses that will teach you about Daemonolatry, Sigil Magick, Creation of a Servitor, Astral Temple Work, and more.

You can also join The Red Coven Discord server and chat with me there where I also host the Magick School. To join Magick School sign up as a member on YouTube for $30 or $50 tier and sync your accounts across both channels. Contact me if you need more information.

Magick School

The Magick School is run through Discord. You can sign up for a monthly subscription at YouTube or Ko-Fi. With Magick School you will get allof my content in one place. This includes all books, video courses, Reiki manuals and attunements, and anything I produce in the future. There are two options: get all of the content and join the text chat for $30 per month; or include two video chats every month where you can ask any questions you may have and get direct teaching from me for $50 per month.