Daemonic Teamwork

I’m sure you have come across reports of people doing evocations, invocations and such things with various spirits and I’m speaking specifically in connection with the Daemons in Daemonolatry.

You usually get a lot of reports from ceremonial magicians regarding this, and Daemonolators as well although the approach is usually different, but with most of these reports or testimonies, let’s state it that way, people come along, they do the work with a particular Daemon and they come back and then share their experiences. With those experiences, you usually find that they call one particular Daemon for one particular task.

This has led us to believe that this is the only way it should work.

I find there are different ways we can work with Daemons, but there is some kind of teamwork that happens and this can happen in two ways.

If you are working on something in your life, let’s go with money magic, and you have a business, you can create a team of Daemons for that particular thing. 

Each Daemon will have a particular aspect or area they will focus on. For example, you can have Clauneck, Belphegor, Beelzebub, Mammon, you can even look at Belial, Bune. There are a lot of spirits that will help you with money and business and things like that. 

What you do is get your team together. So for instance Mammon is right at the top, he is the one who’s going to take your business and make it into an empire.

Along that path you have other things that need to happen. You might have a month where you will suddenly need to generate emergency income, so you might go to Clauneck for that. Whereas Belphegor will take your existing projects and grow them, keep them going, keep them moving.

If you are a writer or an artist, you might want to look at someone like Aim who will give you inspiration.

There are demons that will give you influence. In this regard you are looking at social media and other platforms like that.

You can create this whole team of Daemons and you don’t necessarily need to go to one specific Daemon at one time and say please do this. You can go to all of them and you can have a discussion. Almost like a board meeting.

It’s not a case of doing something at this particular time and then doing something else at that particular time. Things need to happen all at the same time while you are influencing your social media followers.

You may also need inspiration for a new project, or you may have a project you just launched and you need to get that moving. All these things need to happen at the same time. 

The other way this tends to happen is outlined in the following example. 

A friend of mine went to Clauneck and needed some money quickly and it was an emergency, started working with Clauneck, but then Lucifer came through. 

If you have read the Grimorium Verum, you will know that Clauneck falls under Lucifer, so it kind of made sense. Lucifer came through and Clauneck was there, and they were both interacting. 

Then I did some work with her where we called Lucifer and instead of Clauneck coming through, Belial came through. I was expecting a completely different spirit, but Belial decided to come through because he wanted to work with her at that time. Considering what she was going through, it made sense.

What confused her is that she called Clauneck to do the work, nobody else, just Clauneck.

What happened was Clauneck saw that another spirit may be able to help in a particular area, went to Lucifer, said who can we use and eventually Belial came along and said I’m the one to use right now. This whole teamwork happened.

If you are wanting to get a particular thing done and you are looking for the exact right spirit, you might get a bit confused because there may be ten Daemons who can help you with your task, so which one do you pick? Pick the one that feels right for you. Pick the one that resonates with you at that time.

If that particular one isn’t exactly fitting the task that you require, it doesn’t mean the work will not be done. It will mean that they may go to another spirit or another Daemon and ask them, “Can you help with this task?”, and if they can, they will come in and also help. 

Don’t close yourself off to that because if you do you start pushing those things away, you start blocking them, rejecting them because that was not supposed to happen. You went to this particular Daemon, you said you want this task done and that is how it’s supposed to happen, that demon was supposed to do it. Don’t block yourself off to all the other possibilities that could come along.

If another Daemon needs to come in and help with that particular situation at that particular time until step 1 is complete and then another Daemon comes in and completes step 2, and so on and so forth, to get you to where need to go, where you need to be, don’t block yourself off to any of that.

I think that it’s very important to realize that just because we think it’s supposed to happen a particular way doesn’t mean it’s going to happen that way.

I’ve said it in the past and I will keep saying it. The Ceremonial approach to Goetic work, to dealing with the Daemons, to working with the Daemons, is one that traps, binds, commands, forces, threatens, etc., is not a good approach. In that situation you’ll probably have the magician call a particular Daemon and say do this or I am going to threaten you. Then if they don’t do the task, they get burnt and threatened, and if they actually get to the point where they can retaliate, they will retaliate and fight back.

Or, you can take the Daemonolator’s approach which is about respect. It’s about give and take. You give an offering, you get something in return. It’s also about building relationships, and if you have built relationships with the Daemons, they will all help.

It’s an energy exchange that happens. If the energy exchange is not happening and it is all just one-sided, you are going to end up with an imbalance. It’s that whole energy exchange that needs to take place. 

Just because you have called a particular Daemon, doesn’t mean that that particular Daemon is able to accomplish the task you require. It’s not their fault, it’s just their aspect. 

If somebody calls me and asks me to fix their sink and do the plumbing, I can’t do that. It’s not what I was trained for, it’s not what I am good at. 

What I will do is call one of my friends who can fix the plumbing and will say come along, do the work, there we go, all done.

It’s the same scenario, if you call a demon that isn’t particularly skilled at what you want them to do, they are going to go off and call somebody who is. Expect that to happen, don’t block it off, don’t reject it, allow it to happen because it’s how you’re going to get the work done at the end of the day.

We tend to mostly read the successful experiences from Magicians, and we then get this impression that it’s simply a case of find the right Daemon, call that Daemon, ask it to go do what you want it to do and it will go off and come back with the results. That’s the impression we get, but a lot of other factors roll into it as well. 

I will keep talking about all these factors that could influence your magick negatively. It could be that you are not able to get yourself into a positive frame of mind, you could be thinking too negatively. That’s going to impact your magick even if you do the work, you call the Daemon, you give the offerings and X, Y and Z. If you are constantly thinking negatively it’s not going to work.

All of these factors also come into it and sometimes it is difficult to get yourself into a positive frame of mind, especially if you are in a situation where it just seems like everything is after you and everything’s negative.

We will keep talking about these things, but I think this is quite important that we don’t close ourselves off to other possibilities.