Manifestation Timing

Today I would like to talk about manifestation techniques and really how things manifest, the process that happens, as there is a bit more to it than what most of these new age manifestation channels talk about, so I just want to get into that. 

We’ve got all these new age manifestation people all over the place, and they usually portray themselves having these amazing lives, traveling and rich. They did some manifestation technique and all of a sudden, the next day they had $5 000.00 in their bank account. They carried on from there and they make it sound so easy.

You then sit and you try this technique, and nothing happens and you’re trying to figure out if there is something wrong with you, but there usually isn’t.

With magick we realised at some point what’s going on, and we have spoken about this in the Black Hat chats, as it has come up a few times, but I don’t think we’ve actually done anything specific or focused on the topic itself, that’s why I want to mention it today.

In order for something to manifest physically, it first needs to manifest astrally. 

What this means is that something will manifest on the astral plane and then it will slowly bleed through to the physical plane. 

When we do spell work and things of that nature, if it’s for something that is not already manifesting on the astral, then it first needs to form in that realm. Therefore, it can take a while for that thing to come through and manifest physically because it first needs to form on the astral.

There’s no real definite answer as to how long it can take, but I usually suggest about two to four weeks, a full or half moon cycle.

When you see all these people on their YouTube channel saying that I did a manifestation technique and the next day it manifested, what is probably happening is that these people are tuned in on what’s already manifesting on the astral plane, which is why it happened so quickly. 

This is where people are having a lot of difficulties with their magick or manifestation techniques, because they do the same thing and the next day, they don’t have it and then they give up. They start thinking there’s something wrong, they start thinking negative thoughts and those negative thoughts block the manifestation itself. 

You need to understand that it’s not going to happen immediately, especially if it hasn’t started manifesting on the astral plane already.  These people are in some fashion sensitive and they are picking up what has already started manifesting and they tune into that flow of energy. Most of the time, they don’t even realize this.

Once they have this positive manifestation experience, they then have this confidence, but because that flow already started, the next thing then starts manifesting and the next and so on, but it’s already manifested on the astral plane.

All they are doing is following that flow, so they carry on doing these manifestation techniques and the things keep manifesting and they become these “master manifestors”. 

Nothing wrong with that and I’m not saying there is anything wrong with them. I’m not saying that they are bringing you a lot of bull, I’m just saying if somebody else tries the same manifestation technique and it doesn’t start working immediately, they start thinking negatively and they start to think that they are useless and can’t do it, and they shouldn’t. All it means is that you are trying to manifest something that hasn’t started to manifest, and that’s the difference. 

These people are manifesting things that already started to manifest on the astral plane, and it’s gotten to that point where it’s about to bleed through to the physical realm. They do their manifestation technique and suddenly it manifests physically. 

When you are doing your magick, when you are doing your manifestation techniques, if it doesn’t manifest physically in a day or two, don’t think there is something wrong with you or your magick or your spell work. Give it at least two weeks, if you can, give it four weeks. 

Between two and four weeks is usually a good time period to judge whether your magick is working or not. 

However, not all of your magick is going to work. There are a lot of elements that can come in and cancel out what you’re doing. It could be your own thoughts. It could be something that is bigger than what you are trying to manifest.

When you are doing your spell work or your manifestation techniques, just give yourself the time it needs to physically manifest. 

Do your spell work and put out the energy. That energy then goes into the astral and it starts to form the thing you desire on the astral. Then it’s got to come and bleed through to the physical, and you need the period of time to allow it to happen. 

If it’s something that is already manifesting on the astral, and you do your spell work, and in a day or two you’ve manifested it; great, all you’ve done is pick up what is on the astral plane already and you just followed through with your manifestation technique to bring it through to the physical realm.

If it’s something that you need to manifest completely from scratch, just make sure that you give yourself the time. 

I do think that a lot of people on YouTube at the moment are giving the false impression that you can do this 5-5-5 technique, as an example, and the next day you’ll have $10 000.00 in your bank account, or something like that.

It’s not going to happen the same for everybody, it’s not going to happen in the same time frame for everybody, and you just need to be aware of that, and don’t think there is something wrong with you or you’re not doing something right. 

You could be doing everything right, but you’re not allowing yourself enough time, and when it doesn’t manifest, you then block it, you then push it off the tracks or rails, because now it’s not working.

Just be patient.

Patience is a very good thing, it’s a virtue they say. 

Be patient with your magick, be patient with yourself and allow things to happen the way they need to, the way they should.