Energy Healing Consultation


Please note that this service is Distance Healing.

After your purchase I will be in contact to set up a time for our call.

The initial consultation will take place over a video call (Google Meet, etc). Depending on what is required, we may do the distance healing over the call, or I will set up a time for you to sit quietly whilst I do the work. Distance healing is just as effective as hands-on sessions. Follow up will do via email or another video call.

Please note that more than one session may be required, depending on your case. This will be discussed with you.



Pronounced ‘Ray-Kee’ [霊気], it is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life Force Energy”. The word Rei [霊] means ‘spirit-guided’ or ‘soul-guided’ and ki [気] means ‘life force’.

This life force is found in many of the Eastern traditions. In Chinese it is Qi or Chi, in the Yogic paths it is Prana and to the Hawaiians it is called Mana.

Reiki can help with this as it is a form of healing whereby the Reiki practitioner, who has been attuned to the Reiki Current, will channel the Universal Life Force Energy to aid in the proper circulation of the Ki in a person’s body.

This is often done as a ‘hand-on’ approach whereby the practitioner will place their hands in certain places along the body and channel the Reiki energy into the person receiving the treatment. It can also be done remotely over a distance where the practitioner and receiver are not in the same room.

Can Reiki be overused or abused? Can it be dangerous? Definitely not. Reiki is simple. It can’t be used to harm in any way. It cannot be stored, but it also cannot be used up as it is a constant flow from an unlimited energy source.


  • Promote harmony and balance
  • Relaxes and releases tension from the body
  • Breaks down energy blocks and balances the mind, body and spirit
  • Cleanses body of toxins and supports the immune system
  • Clears the mind and improves focus
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability


This involves the practitioner going into an altered state of consciousness and takes a Shamanic Journey into the Other Worlds in order to achieve a variety of different things such as bringing back a person’s Power Animal or retrieving a lost soul.

This can be achieved in-person or through a distance session. During an in-person session I will ask you to lie down on the floor and simply relax, listen to the drumming and allow me to Journey for you. For a distance session I will Journey whilst you are sleeping.

Bringing back a Power Animal

This is where the practitioner would journey into the Lower World in order to find a retrieve your Power Animal. It is then blown into the body to enforce the connection with your soul.

The Power Animal can bring balance back to your mind, body and soul, bring strength back, give you direction in life and protect you from any negative energy influences.

Soul Retrieval

A person’s soul parts can become lost through trauma. The soul parts leave in order to survive the trauma and they hide in the Other World. The Healer finds these soul parts and attempts to bring them back. If however the soul part is not ready to come back it is usually due to changes that need to be made in the person’s life, in which case the Healer will be instructed on what needs to be done. These instructions will be discussed with you.

If the soul part does comes back with the Healer, it is then blown into the body of the person. This brings a release of physical and/or emotional tension, positive shifts usually with the resolution of internal and/or intrapersonal conflicts, healing of physical illnesses, among other positive experiences, as Mind, Body and Soul are brought back into balance.


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