Creating Servitors in Chaos Magick

Now that we know what a servitor is, we need to find out how to create them.

We actually create thought forms on a daily basis. Well, maybe not on a daily basis but more than we may think on a subconscious level, without actually consciously going about the act of creating one.

To consciously create a thought form or a servitor is a lot different and it has a more direct intent to it.

But let’s get straight into the actual creation. This will be a more general discussion, and I will discuss some of the aspects more indepth over the coming weeks.

The first step you want to take is to create a sigil and a name.

Therefore you start with sigil magick, which I have spoken about previously.

Once you’ve gotten to that point where you have broken down your will sentence into a few consonants, you then created your sigil or glyph, it is that glyph that becomes the sigil of the servitor.

You can go back to your collection of letters and create the name of the servitor. However, because you took out the vowels, you will need to put some back in so that you have a phonetic name.

Let’s say you have the letters M, P, R and N. Just trying to say that group of letters can be a little difficult and will not sound very good. If we add vowels then we may come up with MoPRuN, MopRuNe or maybe MaPRuNe for instance.

You can get creative here, just do whatever you want with the letters, even jumble them up to create something completely different such as RPMN instead of MPRN and then add vowels back into it and you might have RaPMaN, which would be great for a musical servitor. 

This really is as simple as taking those letters and creating some kind of sound that creates the name for your servitor.

Now, you have a name, and you have a sigil.

That’s step one. Step two is the actual creation process. 

The creation process in its basic format is one whereby you generate a lot of energy which gets directed into the sigil.

I’m going to mix a bit of the Kabbalistic approach that I learned into this as well.

With the Kabbalistic approach, when you’re actually creating the servitor, the thought form, the artificial elemental, whatever you want to call it, you build up the energy and then project it to a point. With each projection it creates a ball of energy and that energy can be whatever colour corresponds to your intent. For example if it’s money related, you can use green, if it’s romantically related, you might make it pink,  whereas if it’s about passion and sex, you can make it red.

If it’s about purification or protection you could probably use white, but you can also use black here, if you view that as protective. Black could be seen as the colour of earth, and earth creates a strong  barrier of protection.

Use colour correspondences that you feel would work for your purpose and how you feel about the colours.

Each time you project the energy onto the actual sigil, you therefore create this ball of energy and it keeps building and growing bigger.

There are a lot of different ways that you can create or generate the energy that you actually project onto the sigil for the creation process, but one of the most commonly used is sex magick and orgasm. This generates a lot of energy, very quickly, and it can be very intense.

Sex magick can be done solo, as a couple, or in a group. Just be sure that if you’re going to be doing this in a group setting or as a couple, that you trust every person involved.

Trust is a huge thing, it has to be. If you don’t trust somebody in a situation like this then you will find yourself in a very bad situation, so make sure you can trust everybody.

When it comes to sex magick and the creation of servitors, it is not just about the energy expended during orgasm. In this instance it is also about the sexual fluids, which are representative of the creation of life, whereas blood is representative of sustaining life.

This is the reason you may want to use sex for the creation of a servitor, because you’re going to want to put sexual fluids on the sigil which creates the life, but also orgasm to generate the energy which you then project onto the sigil to develop the “body” of servitor.

If you don’t want to use sex that’s fine. There’s a lot of other methods you can use.

You can use drumming for instance, or you can use dance. You could also use spinning to generate that energy. I wouldn’t use it myself because I know I’ll get dizzy and fall over, but that’s just me.

You can use basic meditation, breath work and visualisation as well. As you breathe in, you pull in the energy from all around you and form it into a ball of energy within you. That ball gets pushed out of your arms, out of your hands and into the object.

It’s basically building up energy and redirecting it, but if you are going to be creating servitors, you are probably at a stage in your magical practice where you already have a method that you use to generate and build energy, so I’m not going to go too much into that, as I say, there are lots of methods you can use.

Now, because I mentioned the creation of the name earlier, it would be a great idea to also use the name as a mantra whilst you are building up this energy. Chanting the mantra over and over again is fantastic for creating trance.

Once you have created your ball of energy, you will then need to program it. This is where you speak to it, give it its name and its purpose or its task.

If it has a lifespan, you program that in also. For some servitors you will only want it to complete a single task, and once complete, it will end. For others, you will need them to continue indefinitely, maybe the same lifespan as yourself so when you die, it dies, or when you find you no longer require its services, you can then end it. In this instance, the servitor will dissolve and return back to the source that it was created from. That would be the magician’s personal power if it was created from that, an Element, or whatever energy source was used during its creation.

Some people will perform the creation process once, therefore in one sitting, whereas others will take a week to create the servitor, sort of like a gestation period. If you are wanting to create your servitor over a week, then simply repeat the process every day. This can be really good to build the energy of the servitor. Each day you add a little more so it grows bigger and bigger.

By about the third or fourth day, you will actually start feeling the energy of the servitor. You may even feel a personality developing. After that week you can then sustain and feed it. Keeping your servitor fed is very important. If you don’t then it will simply dissolve and die.

Feeding can be done every week for the first month and then once a month after that, depending on the source that your servitor is feeding from. You may have created one that is feeding from a source external to you, such as absorbing negative energy for you.

The basic manner in which to feed your servitor is to simply give it more of the energy you used in order to create it, although you can use a drop of blood as blood sustains life. So if used sexual energy and sexual fluids in the creation, that being sex to create life, you can sustain that life by feeding it bloody afterwards.

If you are feeding it with other energy such as the Elements or other source, you can also use the mantra to generate that energy, bringing the chanting into a frenzy. As always, get creative.

Of course, how often you feed it depends on the purpose of the servitor and how often it is being used. If you are using the servitor a lot, you might want to feed it more often because it needs the energy to actually go out and do its work. Just like we need to feed to get energy, so does the servitor.

You may also want to consider housing your servitor, especially if it needs somewhere to rest between its work, or if you want to call it back to feed it for instance. This can be in the form of a statue, a box, a crystal ball, a rock, a piece of jewelry, the list is endless. However, make it something pleasant for you. If you choose an object that you don’t like, you are probably not going to connect with your servitor, because the servitor is going to be housed within the object.

Once you have the object which will house the servitor, just speak to your servitor and invite it into the object. If it doesn’t like the object then choose a different object until you find one that you both like.

The house can also double up as the feeding area. Put energy into the house and when it does come back to rest, it can feed on the energy that you have stored there.

With some servitors, again it depends on the purpose, you can create a permanent house. You would tie the servitor to the object. For instance if it’s for protection around your property you can take a stone or a rock, even a tree. The object would then become the permanent house of the servitor. If it is a rock then you would place the rock on your property, and when it needs to do any kind of protection it can come out and do whatever it needs to do.

There’s lots of reasons why you would need an object or housing for the servitor and lots of reasons why you may not need one.

The last thing I want to discuss about servitors is the death of a servitor.

If you are creating a servitor that you want for a long period of time, maybe the rest of your life, it could be a protection servitor for instance, that you want to keep around forever, you can program it to die when you die.

If it’s the kind of servitor that only needs to do a particular task for a period of a year or a month or whatever it may be, you can program it to die after that period.

When I say die there are two methods of either dissipation or absorption.

Dissipation is where the energy just dissipates and it becomes nothing. This will happen if you don’t feed your servitor, unless it becomes slightly sentient and finds a different source of food rather than you.

As an example, if it’s the kind of servitor that is going out to influence people in whatever manner, it can actually latch onto those people and start feeding off their energy and that will prevent it from dying, but usually dissipation will happen if you don’t feed it, in which case it is going to dissipate and fizzle away into nothing.

The other method is absorption where you absorb it back into yourself.

If you’ve used your own personal power to create the servitor, then in the creation process you’ve projected that power out to a point. Absorption is simply the reverse of that. You absorb the energy of the servitor back into yourself.

In this case it becomes an extension of yourself, an extension of your personal powers, a bit like externalising an archetype of yourself; of your own mind; of your own being.

That’s it basically.

Give it a bash and see how it goes.

You don’t want to create too many servitors if you are creating them from and feeding them your own personal energy because you will need to sustain them. So if you have one servitor, that’s actually plenty. So make sure it is for something that you really really need.

If you have five or ten servitors, the amount of energy that you may need to expend could be astronomical, so you are going to end up giving all your energy away to ten servitors and you’re not going to have any left for yourself. Unless of course you are not using your own personal energy. As I mentioned we will discuss these things a little more indepth over the coming weeks.