Working With Daemonic Energies

Today I want to talk about what happens when we work with Daemons, the energy exchange that happens, and what takes place.

I think a lot of people have this impression that we do a ritual, we evoke a Daemon into the space, usually with the use of a Triangle of Arte if you’re working with Goetia, and then we tell the Daemon what to do, it goes off and it comes back and it gives you what you want.

That’s not quite what happens and I think understanding this from an energetic point of view is very important in achieving your goals.

When we work with demons, they mostly like to empower us. They like to see us grow. Allow us to become stronger. Allow us to get the things that we want in our lives. In order to do this, things need to change within ourselves. 

If we want courage and we’re a timid person, something’s got to change, the Daemon is not just going to make you courageous. There’s an energy that needs to alter within ourselves in order to become courageous or to understand what it means to become courageous. 

When we are working with the Daemons, when we’re asking them for things, I think a lot of people have this impression that they go off and bring it to you. As an example, let’s say you are asking for treasure to be revealed. This can be in the form of business, or promotion, or a job if you are looking for a job. A treasure can be a new job that comes to you.

What the Daemon will actually do is align things in your life, but also in yourself. They will change the energy within yourself so that you can move in a particular direction.

Imagine it like walking down a path. That is where your energy is taking you, but in order to get to where you want to be, you’ve got to go on a different path. As you are walking down this path, if your energy doesn’t change or alter in any way, you are going to continue on that same path. So, your energy changes, it alters and suddenly this new path appears and you are now able to see it. That’s usually what happens to most people. 

There’s a shift that takes place and sometimes it may be that the Daemon will just put something in your path like a road sign or something like that, so that you can move into a particular direction.

If you need to heal from something then a change in your energy needs to take place.

Of all of these things there’s a change within yourself that actually happens, so what you are doing is working with the energy of the Daemonic. You are calling a particular Daemon which works with a particular aspect and energy. You then incorporate that into your own life and that energy starts to alter your own energy or add to it, improve it, increase it or in some cases decrease it depending on what work you are doing. If it’s getting rid of a bad habit, for instance, the energy that you put into that bad habit needs to decrease the energy of the bad habit.

It’s all about energy and when we’re working with the Daemons, there’s offerings we make. Being Daemonolatry it’s quite often a blood letting. You prick your finger with a lancet, you offer just a drop of blood and that is an energy exchange. 

However, it’s not always blood. I’ve had cases where I’ve been asked to give some quite strange things like an old shoe off my left foot. I have worked with a Daemon who asked for just a slice of bread with milk on it, but there is an offering that takes place and the offering itself is a form of energy exchange.

You are working with a Daemon in order to apply their energy into your life to alter your life, to alter your energy, and because you’re taking energy, you need to give energy, the offering of the energy in order to keep a balance, so keep that in mind. 

When you are working with the Daemons, it’s always best to ask what the Daemon wants and trust yourself in this. When you start out working with Daemonoloatry it can be quite difficult to know what the Daemon wants, but trust yourself. You’ll ask and then you’ll probably get an impression and you’ll think that’s a bit odd, like I say an old shoe off my left foot was definitely something I did not expect to get asked for. Just trust yourself, the impression you get is the thing that is being asked for.

Also remember to use discernment and make sure that you’re actually working with the Daemon you are calling instead of an astral parasite, because if they start asking for things like hurting yourself or hurting other people it’s probably an astral parasite and not the Daemon you are trying to communicate with. 

If you get some requests that don’t seem right, seem harmful in any way, just get that discernment bone going and make sure that you are working with the spirit you are wanting to work with.

But as for the offering, in most cases it’s just a drop of blood and that blood is part of yourself and that is why it’s an offering. It’s energy which comes from yourself, but there is that energy exchange that takes place. You are taking energy and using it, therefore you are giving energy to replace that.

It’s very similar to you going to the graveyard and doing some graveyard work. You are going to go and gather some graveyard dirt. You are going to take energy away from the graveyard, therefore you need to replace that energy, so there’s an equal balance and exchange that happens.

Throughout life, whatever it is there’s always an exchange that needs to take place in order to keep the balance. If you are working or you’ve got a business, you do a job, you do a service, you produce something for somebody in order for that exchange to take place you usually get paid for that service or item or whatever it is that you actually did, so there is an energy exchange that happens.

There always needs to be an energy exchange of some kind, and it’s not always that obvious, but working with the Daemons, we are working with the energy of the Daemonic, and I think that is important to understand. 

As I say, it’s not this entity that runs off or shuffles away and grabs something and brings it back to you and puts it in your lap. In most cases it is trying to empower you to move in a particular direction, trying to give you strength, trying to give you the courage, trying to alter your energy, alter your makeup in order to become more powerful to get what you need in life.

I think of the old explanation of doing magic to get a job for instance, it’s no good sitting back and waiting for the job to come to you. You’ve got to put in your resume to 100 companies, but the magick will make it more possible for you to get a job that you actually want. But if you just do the magick and sit back and wait for it all to come to you, nothing’s going to happen because you’re not doing what you need to do. 

It’s very similar here. You can’t expect the Daemons to go out and just bring everything to you and just sit back and wait for it. You need to do the work. You need to go out there and make your own life. The Daemonic energy is going to make that possible. It’s going to shift things in your life, it’s going to put things in your path so that you alter direction.