Communicating With Daemons

Today we are talking about how to communicate with Daemons, because this question comes up a lot, for obvious and good reason.

When we are working with spirits, we need some kind of interaction.

We are putting stuff in, we want to get stuff back. Probably the most difficult part is listening and I think the question is not really how we communicate with Daemons, but how do we listen to Daemons or how do we hear Daemons?

When you are busy trying to talk to a Daemon, there is a period where you need to stop talking and open up and listen.

That can be difficult, especially for somebody who is just starting out.

A lot of the skills that you need in order to work with or communicate with the Daemons is something that you will need to develop over time. 

If you are in the beginning stages, don’t get too frustrated. There are ways that they will talk to you, which you just need to open yourself up to.

Some of the easiest or obvious methods are signs and dreams. You might have some dreams after talking to a Daemon or having been in a ritual where you are trying to communicate with this Daemon, trying to get some answers. You might not get the dreams that night, it might happen in a couple weeks time. The best thing to do is to keep a journal and just to note everything down.

Signs and symbols are also one of the ways they communicate. You may find signs just pop-up during the day and it gets to the point where it’s not coincidental.

If you are trying to get particular knowledge about something, there are a lot of Daemons that will teach you and give you knowledge. When we read the old grimoires and the descriptions in there, we often think that they teach us directly, that they are going to sit there opposite you with a book and a pen, and them with a blackboard giving instruction, but it doesn’t quite work that way. 

It’s very similar to a Daemon who brings you gold. It doesn’t mean that they are going to drop gold at your doorstep or at the foot of your bed, they are simply going to align your energy so that you can go in a direction with your business or your job so that you can get to that point where you are bringing in the gold, so to speak.

Coming back to a Daemon who is going to teach you or bring you knowledge, you might find that you come across a particular book. Maybe one that keeps popping up. It may be in adverts while you are browsing the internet or all of a sudden in a group someone starts talking about this book. 

Those kinds of things are signs that they are trying to push your way so that you can get the knowledge, so lookout for all those signs and symbols and everything else and again, keep a journal, because often we may see things and we may note them down and then we keep seeing the same things. When we go back in our journals we will notice patterns that start happening. If we are not journaling then we completely miss the pattern.

Those are the simplest ways for the Daemons to communicate with you. Through dreams, symbols, signs and patterns.

Some other ways that you can listen to the Daemons and communicate with them is through divination, you might want to use Tarot, although you have to be quite skilled at Tarot. I say that, but it depends on how developed you have become with divination techniques, you might draw a spread of Tarot and all of a sudden, the answer just shows itself.

A nice one to use is a pendulum. If you have been using a pendulum, you’re quite skilled at it, if you haven’t been, find a pendulum and start working with that. You can use a board which has letters and numbers on it, very much like a spirit board but in this case, the pendulum will swing to particular letters to spell out a sentence or will show you a series of numbers.

Scrying is a good method. In fact, scrying is the one that was used mostly in the old grimoires. 

You would have your circle and outside that is the triangle of manifestation or the Triangle of Arte. Within the triangle was the scrying device. Through the scrying device the spirit would communicate with the magician. Scrying is a good method, and you can easily make a black mirror. There’s plenty of instruction on how to make black mirrors on the internet.

You can also use a bowl of water or ink; water is less expensive if you are going to do this often. With water you can take a black ceramic bowl and fill that with water and then experiment with different types of water. You can experiment with tap water, river water, rainwater, and sea water. You might get different results with different waters because they hold different energies. 

When scrying with water, what you can also do, if you are specifically working with Daemons and Daemonolatry, as it’s a bloodletting tradition, is add a drop or two of blood in the water. You can also add Delepitore oil to it. You’ve got all these things you can add to the water in order to do the scrying.

You can also scry with fire. You can use a candle flame. You can use a bonfire. There are many different methods, and it might be worth exploring the other techniques. 

We hear about Tarot, rune, pendulum, scrying quite often because those are the most popular methods, but there are a load of different ways you can scry or divine an answer from the Daemons.

You can even just watch the sky, watch the clouds forming in the sky. They might form into particular patterns and particular shapes and symbols that is a communication from the Daemon. 

You can even use a spirit board, more commonly known as the Ouija board. I think there is a lot of hype around the spirit board. If you are using the spirit board to communicate with the dead, you can open a portal, which then brings a lot of astral parasites through. It isn’t that easy working with the actual dead, but in this case we are talking about Daemons, working or communication with the Daemons and when I say demons, I mean Divine Intelligences. We are not just talking about the Daemons like Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Leviathan etc. We are also talking about angels, gods and goddesses.

If you are using a spirit board, you can dedicate the spirit board itself to the spirit with whom you want to communicate. There are instructions for this in S. Connolly’s book, Daemonolator’s Guide to Daemonic Magick.

You’d dedicate the board to the spirit and then you communicate with that spirit using that specific board.  It does open a portal for communication, but it’s less likely that you are going to get an astral parasite, unless you don’t close it properly. 

If you are going to start using a spirit board, or any kind of divination, where you are opening a portal to the spirit realm in order to communicate, learn how to open and close that portal. 

When we are working with Daemons, just trying to communicate with them, we sit down and chant the enn and they come through and we communicate with them. This is not opening a portal per se, and it’s difficult to explain, they’re coming through but they’re not coming through as potently as they would if you did a gate opening and you step into their realm, or you open the gate, and their energy comes into our realm. That’s quite different, and when you are working with the spirit board and some other methods of divination you are opening those portals, and as I say, if you need to, then just learn how to open and close a portal properly. 

If you don’t close the portal properly, then you will get astral parasites. They see this opening afterwards and they start coming through.

During the process, if you are working with a particular Daemon, you will probably find that they will not come through, if you are working with that actual Daemon at the time and not an astral parasite posing as that demon, bear that in mind. 

So, there are many ways to communicate. You can use the spirit board, which has letters and numbers, you can use a pendulum which has letters and numbers, so you can spell out words, you can spell out a name and things like that. 

Automatic drawing is a very good method, again, something you need to practice at getting skilled with, because with automatic drawing you do need to open yourself up a lot and allow the spirit to have control of your body, mostly your hand holding the pen or pencil.

That is very similar to the spirit board. You need to allow the spirit to move your arms, so with automatic drawing you are going to allow the spirit to move your hand holding the pen or pencil.

What comes through could be you creating symbols, or it could be a personal sigil that the spirit is giving you in order to call it the next time.

Automatic drawing is great if you need to get a sigil or get a particular symbol in order to communicate with the Daemon. 

Dice are great if you need a yes/no answer. You can use dice, or a single die, depending on how you want to do it, and just experiment with it and find out what works best for you. Take two objects and assign yes and no to each object. You might be asking which incense the spirit prefers, frankincense or myrrh? You then throw the die, and whichever object it goes towards, that’s the answer. 

You need to experiment with these methods in order to find the one that works best for you.

You might also find that a particular method works well with one spirit, but another works well for another spirit. 

The easiest way to communicate with the Daemons is to simply sit down and talk to the Daemon, then listen for the reply. That reply can come through as intuition. It can come through as images, or a smell. It could be a sound you hear that represents something, or you could even hear a voice, and this depends a lot on your natural abilities. You may be clairaudient (hear things), you may be clairvoyant (see things), you may be clairsentient etc. That is why it comes through in different ways.

I am clairsentient, so I get impressions, which means you just kind of know.

When we talk about the Sight and Seeing, because we are using these particular words, we often think it’s done with our eyes or our third eye, this eye that opens up in your forehead and that’s how you see things.

When you are Seeing (with a capital S) you are seeing with your entire being, so you are experiencing the unknown, experiencing the unseen with your entire being. It’s not just sight in the physical sense, you don’t just see. You may feel things, you may hear things and you may just know things, so open yourself up to that whole experience.

Don’t just sit there and think that you are going to see it like you do with your physical eyes. 

Rather don’t expect anything and just open yourself up letting whatever comes through come to you and see where it takes you, see where your natural abilities are actually more developed and you can develop the other abilities over time, but find out what your natural abilities are to begin with.

This is why I say it’s not always a skill which we need to develop.

What we need to do is trust ourselves.

When you are talking to a spirit and they give you a reply, quite often you will hear it as your own voice in your head and this is something a lot of us do the entire day where we are talking to ourselves with our own voice. The internal dialogue.

We might play out scenarios or conversations before we have them and we are always hearing it in our head, so when we are communicating with the spirit, we hear this reply and hear it in our head the same way we do quite often when we are talking to ourselves.

That is why we think it’s just ourselves talking to ourselves, and sometimes it is, sometimes what we have to do is talk to ourselves, talk back to ourselves, but eventually what happens is the spirit itself starts taking over, but it’s very subtle most of the time. 

In order to discern whether it is you talking to yourself or whether the Daemon is talking to you is something that you need to trust yourself with. 

What you will find is that every now and then you will get a reply which is something completely not what you would have ever thought of saying, completely out of character for you. 

It’s just something that comes out of nowhere and you may hear it in your own voice, as your inner voice, but it’s something that is totally out of character for you and something you would never have thought of saying.

Then you realize that it’s actually communication from the spirit and that gives us a bit more confidence, but we really do need to learn how to trust ourselves.

When doing magick, don’t just sit there and think, Okay, did it work? Nothing seemed to have happened, it wasn’t like wow in the movies.

We need to trust ourselves a lot more and that brings the results.

If it’s you just talking to yourself, it’s fine, keep doing it and you’ll find that the spirit then takes over and you are then communicating with the spirit directly.

Sometimes it comes through as impressions, sometimes it comes through as visualizations, as images, things in your head, in your imagination. A particular picture could pop up, maybe you are trying to get knowledge from a particular demon about a particular topic and a book will suddenly appear in your head. Then you can go and look for that book on the internet or in the bookshop.

You will have to trust yourself, open yourself up and allow the process to happen the way that it needs to.

There are probably more methods that we can talk about, but I think those are the main things to mention to get you started.